We Are Teaming Up with NFT Platform LuxFi


Posted by AdEx Network on September 30th, 2021


We are happy to announce an exciting partnership that we are diving into with a new project - LuxFi. LuxFi is the world’s First Asset-Backed NFT Marketplace for luxury assets. It allows anyone to create NFTs that are backed by real-world luxury goods. The company provides an entirely new approach towards increasing liquidity of physical luxury assets through blockchain technology. 

What does the partnership entail

The partnership between AdEx Network and LuxFi will focus on three main points. 

Once the LuxFi project is launched in December this year (estimated launch date), https://luxfi.io/ will become an exclusive AdEx publisher, meaning that the website will provide ad space only to AdEx advertisers. The project is already gaining a substantial follower base on all social media channels prior to the official launch and the team is expecting a huge increase in website traffic after the project is up and running in December. This will mean that a high-quality publisher will be added to AdEx Network, making our ad platform even more attractive for advertisers and giving them access to a highly targeted audience.

Furthermore, in order to increase brand awareness and recognition LuxFi will be promoting their project through AdEx Network. This way they will be able to reach the right blockchain and crypto audience through display ads on relevant websites, such as stremio.com - one of our biggest publishers.

Last, but not least, our native token ADX will be added as a payment option in the LuxFi platform and users will be able to pay and get paid in ADX when making transactions. This will provide more payment options for LuxFi users and will add one more use case for ADX. 

Bridging digital advertising and NFTs

This partnership between AdEx Network and LuxFi attempts to bring NFTs and digital advertising together and explore all of the possibilities that such a collaboration has to offer.

“We are excited to collaborate with such an innovative project as LuxFi. We are looking forward to assisting the LuxFi team in achieving their advertising goals and reaching more people,” said Vanina Ivanova, CMO of AdEx Network.

“We are already exploring the NFT scene - we recently launched our own exclusive NFT auction and this partnership is a natural extension of this exploration,” Ivanova added. 

“LuxFi and AdEx share the same vision of democratising the applications of blockchain technology at a wilder scale. In this partnership, we see a consortium that will tackle the challenges many industries are facing. We wanted to promote a more sustainable ecosystem in each industry while promoting transparency, trustworthiness and efficiency,” said Aidaa Wong, CEO & Founder of LuxFi.

Special treat for AdEx community members

In preparation for their official NFT marketplace launch and upcoming IDO, the LuxFi team is hosting a special NFT auction & lucky draw. To celebrate our partnership, AdEx community members get a special treat: if you participate in the LuxFi auction & lucky draw with a bid from 0.01 ETH you can follow this link to receive an additional 3 lottery tickets by inserting the code ADEX3. More information about the auction can be found here.

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