AdEx Supports ETHBerlin

AdEx is sponsoring and taking part in ETHBerlin, an offshoot of ETHGlobal, a major Ethereum hackathon series. This event will help enhance the AdEx dApp through interaction with Ethereum developers.

AdEx Supports ETHBerlin

We are proud to announce that we are one of the sponsors of the ETHBerlin hackathon

We have exciting news to share with you: we will be supporting ETHBerlin as sponsors, mentors and participants. ETHBerlin is happening for the first time as a branch-out of ETHGlobal — the organization responsible for some of the largest Ethereum hackathons around the world.

This is the fourth event hosted by ETHGlobal but the first one to take place in Europe. Previously, Ethereum enthusiasts met up in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Denver, Colorado, USA; and Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The feedback from these three meetups was extremely positive, therefore the ETHGlobal team decided to scale and expand to good, old Europe, India, and the USA (upcoming hackathons include Bangalore and San Francisco).

ETHBerlin will take place this September at Factory Berlin. The event will kick off with a mini-conference; Day 2 is dedicated to the hackathon and workshops, and on Day 3 participants will present their work to the judges panel and winners will be announced.

For us, it is incredibly important to take part in such events and support the Ethereum community and ecosystem. This is why we are happy we have the opportunity to help and attend ETHGlobal initiatives. We are positive that active communication with Ethereum developers will help us bring the AdEx dapp to the next level.

What more can we say? We’re super excited and can’t wait! Make sure to find us and say hi if you’re attending.

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