The crypto ad platform helping Web3 companies reach new audiences

With AdEx ads you can target the unexplored market of Web2 users entering the crypto space


What does AdEx offer?

Low fees and commissions

The fee for using AdEx is just 7%, which is over 50% lower than other DSPs. Additionally, we incentivize deposits in our native token ADX with an even lower campaign fee of 4%.


Access to an untapped crypto audience

Our accurate audience targeting enables you to reach the right segment of potential crypto users interested in exploring blockchain-based solutions, DeFi, and crypto assets.


Deposits in stablecoins

We allow you to deposit in stablecoins like USDC, USDT, and DAI to ensure consistent campaign budgets, reducing market volatility effects. Fiat deposit options are also available.


Transparency and cost-effectiveness

Enjoy a transparent, cost-effective, and fraud-protected ad-buying journey leveraging the advancements of the Web3 technologies we have developed over the years, as well as the powerful programmatic execution engines.


Top-tier customer support

Our top-tier customer support guarantees your seamless experience. From product inquiries and targeting strategy guidance to campaign setup assistance, we're here for you.


Who are we?

Established in 2017, AdEx launched as the world's first fully decentralized advertising platform on the Ethereum blockchain.

Over the years, we have continuously introduced innovative blockchain technologies, including pioneering the implementation of Layer 2 payment channels technology on the Ethereum network, successfully achieving a milestone of 1 billion transactions. Additionally, we have been among the early adopters of accounts abstraction, utilizing its potential to drive further innovation in the blockchain space.

We continuously explore synergies between web3 technologies with existing ad tech to deliver effective solutions for our customers.

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