Cointelligence Integrates AdEx Ads


Posted by AdEx Network on June 24th, 2019

We are psyched to announce that Cointelligence is now broadcasting ads served by AdEx.

Cointelligence is a portal dedicated to data research and analysis of everything crypto economy. The Cointelligence teams works towards achieving mass adoption of blockchain technology and crypto; they are building comprehensive library of guides, data and information about blockchain and crypto to assist anyone who wishes to learn about this. In addition, the site offers a news section to help readers stay on top of news.

Cointelligence brings investors ICO/STO listings and ratings, and has developed a crypto exchange rating system.

All Cointelligence readers can now see ads served via the AdEx platform. The site has integrated our ads. We are thrilled to have them as a publisher — as a blockchain-based project, it is important to us that our platform is used by other projects in the space as we stand for a united and strong blockchain community.

For potential advertisers, being able to advertise on Cointelligence means reaching a finely targeted niche audience — so if you are looking to reach these potential customers, get in touch with us today and inquire about the AdEx beta.

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