AdEx Teams Up with Eskimi SSP

Exciting news unfolds as AdEx unveils a strategic collaboration with Eskimi, a prominent Supply-Side Platform (SSP). This partnership is a key milestone in our dedication to extending Web3 advertisers' reach to a previously untapped audience.

AdEx DSP integrates Eskimi SSP
AdEx DSP has integrated Eskimi's SSP

We're thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between AdEx and Eskimi, a leading Supply-Side Platform (SSP). This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing Web3 advertisers access to a new, unexplored audience. Eskimi will play a pivotal role in enhancing our ecosystem by offering access to a curated network of high-quality publishers.

A graphic showing the programmatic process with AdEx and Eskimi
The role of the Eskimi SSP in the programmatic process

This collaboration represents a significant stride not just for AdEx but for the entire Web3 ecosystem. By bridging the realms of Web3 and Web2, our collective goal is to extend our reach to the next billion users, fostering broader adoption and integration across the digital landscape.

By sourcing traffic from Eskimi, we guarantee AdEx advertisers access to a high-quality and diverse ad inventory, ensuring their campaigns reach engaged and relevant audiences across various platforms. The partnership underscores our dedication to fostering innovation, driving optimal advertising experiences, and expanding opportunities for advertisers within the AdEx platform.

Preliminary campaign results

In the initial testing phase with Eskimi, we initiated a campaign for Ambire Wallet, incorporating three banner sizes — 300x250, 300x600, and 728x90 — with a monthly campaign budget set at $1500. Within the first two weeks of the integration, Eskimi demonstrated remarkable performance, generating over 6 million impressions and nearly 15,000 clicks for our test campaign. This substantial engagement resulted in 12,000 sessions on the Ambire website, underscoring the effectiveness of the campaign in attracting and capturing the interest of the target audience. These promising initial results highlight the potential for impactful and successful future campaigns through our collaboration with Eskimi.

A Display banner for an Ambire Wallet advertisement
The 728x90 banner used for the Ambire Wallet campaign

About Eskimi SSP

Eskimi is a renowned company that provides ad tech solutions to a diverse range of brands and businesses, contributing significantly to the expansion of the ad tech landscape. As an SSP, Eskimi operates on the opposing side of the programmatic ad process compared to AdEx. This positioning enables DSPs, such as AdEx, to establish connections with a wide range of high-quality publishers and premium placements.

Eskimi has earned the trust of major advertisers, counting well-known names like Coca-Cola, Visa, Samsung, Procter & Gamble, and Dentsu among its clients. These industry giants rely on Eskimi for its proven track record in delivering effective ad campaigns, reflecting the company’s commitment to providing high-quality services in the dynamic advertising landscape.

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