ADX Buyback Disclosure


Posted by AdEx Network on October 5th, 2020


We have great news for ADX holders!

Between May 01, 2020 and October 05, 2020, we bought back a total of approximately 6 million ADX tokens using funds from the AdEx treasury.

Inspired by the buyback-and-make model, we decided to utilize these funds on public liquidity pools such as Uniswap and Balancer instead of using them for staking or governance.

The buyback was executed OTC (1,810,010 ADX), and on Binance and Huobi using only limit maker orders to ensure there’s no sudden impact on the price. The weighted average purchase price was under $0.16.

All ADX bought back were transferred to adx-buyback.eth. One million ADX together with the corresponding amount of ETH was already added as liquidity on Uniswap and the LP tokens were transferred to our multisig.

The rest was used to create a Balancer pool of ADX-yUSD with a weight of 70-30 (70% ADX, 30% yUSD): you can see the transaction here.

What this means in practice is that thеse funds will be constantly utilized to provide liquidity to Uniswap ADX-ETH and Balancer ADX-yUSD markets, therefore decreasing slippage and allowing more efficient trading.

Why is this good for ADX?

While the ADX we bought back are still on the market due to being in liquidity pools, they cannot be sold at will; instead, these tokens participate in automatic market makers that follow a strict bonding curve.

But also, we’re backing them up with equivalent amounts of ETH/stablecoins, meaning that there’s additional liquidity added in both directions, which ultimately makes ADX markets stronger.

Furthermore, this event ensures that 6 million ADX will not be used for governance through validator staking. This increases the relative participation share of ADX holders.

Will there be more buybacks in the future?

Yes! From now, buybacks can be executed by using Balancer or Uniswap directly in order to enhance the transparent nature of such events.

Furthermore, this paves the way for an automatic buyback machine that uses the Balancer pool, as described in the buyback-and-make article.

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