AdEx Teams Up with Kind Ads

Posted by AdEx Network on August 22nd, 2018


When it comes to creating blockchain-based advertising protocols and advertising dapps, we are all swimming in uncharted waters. There is no project to analyze, learn from or even reverse-engineer — it’s all about trial and error, and solid background in centralized solutions that can help build a decentralized one.

This is why we at AdEx firmly believe that even though competition is usually healthy, it is more important to team up with projects similar to ours, share expertise and know-how, and work together to make the advertising industry great again.

This said, we are delighted to announce that we are joining effort with Kind Ads — a project very similar to AdEx, to advance the adoption of blockchain technology in marketing and advertising.

Both we and the Kind Ads team share the same values; we are striving to achieve a better digital advertising ecosystem where end users see relevant ads and are rewarded for their attention; where advertisers make the most of their budgets; and where publishers monetize 100% of their traffic.

We realize that mass adoption of blockchain advertising solutions is somewhat hindered by the fact that the advertising industry today doesn’t speak fluent blockchain; this is why we will be working with Kind Ads and their advisors, among which is marketing guru Neil Patel, to educate advertisers, publishers and agencies about the benefits of decentralization. We are absolutely convinced that the way to bring our dapps to the real world is through better understanding the underlying technology.

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