AdEx Teams Up with AdHive

Posted by AdEx Network on September 18th, 2017

As you probably know, we are busy working on the prototype of the AdEx platform. Simultaneously, we are also working on securing various partnerships to ensure that when we launch, our users will have in their hands an advertising solution that meets all of their expectations.

This is why we are delighted to announce our partnership with AdHive — a platform for automated video ad placement on video bloggers’ channels.

Within the parameters of this partnership, AdEx will use the AdHive verification system for in order to confirm the delivery of video ads.

The two platforms will be integrated seamlessly so advertisers can make the most of their advertisements. The process of creating ad property and ad placements for publishers (bloggers, website owners, etc.) will be controlled via artificial intelligence (AI) technology.AdHive’s AI controller module is based on the solution. It develops ready-to-use machine vision and speech recognition.

About AdHive

AdHive is a platform for automated mass placement of advertising on video blog channels with ecosystem based on Ethereum smart contracts. Learn more on

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