AdEx Forms a Partnership with Video Distribution Company Flixxo

Posted by AdEx Network on October 3rd, 2017

We happy to welcome Flixxo in the growing family of AdEx partners. Flixxo is a solution that combines blockchain technology and the BitTorrent communications protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing.

The platform will allow for content producers to distribute and monetize their video content through a p2p network. Flixxo users will be able to share their device resources in order to achieve a decentralized video-serving network while earning Flixx coins. Simultaneously, Flixxo will also function as a token, and as a wallet.

The Flixxo team is extremely strong: they come from background in video streaming (Popcorn Time), RSK smart contracts, and AI & big datа, and that is just one of the prerequisites for the project’s success.

Ivo Georgiev, our CEO, commented: “We are glad to partner with a platform that aims at revolutionizing the video on demand (VOD) industry. The AdEx team comes from a similar background developing the video entertainment hub Stremio, and VOD is close to our expertise, as well as to our hearts.”

“We are convinced that this partnership will be a very fruitful one,” Georgiev added.

“Our goal is to create a solution that is incredibly easy to use — so easy that even our moms would want to adopt it. By delivering such a platform, we will also be able to bring blockchain technology to a critical mass of end users, which is another benefit of Flixxo,” said Adrián Garelik, founder of Flixxo.

“Our collaboration with AdEx will help us achieve our goals in a way that is beneficial for the both companies.” commented Garelik.

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