Unlocking an Untapped Audience: Connecting Web3 Enterprises and Web2 Audiences

Discover the importance of connecting with untapped user audiences for Web3 projects and learn more about how AdEx is addressing the ad limitations imposed by conventional platforms like Facebook and Google.

Unlocking an Untapped Audience: Connecting Web3 Enterprises and Web2 Audiences
Learn how AdEx helps connect Web3 companies with Web2 audiences

As the world of Web3 projects continues to gain momentum, reaching out to an untapped audience of potential crypto users has become increasingly vital. While Web3 projects have made significant strides in recent years, Web3 remains a relatively closed ecosystem with a limited number of individuals actively engaging in crypto-related activities. This low adoption rate among the general population underscores the pressing need for Web3 advertisers to explore new audiences, expanding their reach and fostering a more inclusive crypto landscape.

Why should Web3 advertisers strive to reach an untapped audience?

By understanding the Web2 landscape and the potential it has for Web3 advertisers, we can shed light on the opportunities that arise when Web3 advertisers venture beyond the confines of the existing crypto user base. By making this strategic move, advertisers will not only be able to stay ahead of the competition but also position themselves at the forefront of the evolving digital landscape, embracing the future of finance and technology.

First, tapping into a new audience opens doors to fresh perspectives and ideas. By engaging individuals who may have little to no prior exposure to cryptocurrencies, Web3 projects can gain insights from diverse backgrounds and experiences. This diversity of perspectives can lead to innovative solutions, enhanced user experiences, and the discovery of new use cases for blockchain technology.

Secondly, expanding the user base helps to increase liquidity and market depth for cryptocurrencies. As more users enter the space, there is a greater demand for tokens and digital assets, leading to increased trading volumes and liquidity on decentralized exchanges. This liquidity is crucial for the efficient functioning of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and other blockchain-based applications, ultimately driving the growth and sustainability of the Web3 ecosystem.

Moreover, reaching out to a wider audience can aid in bridging the existing knowledge and accessibility gaps surrounding cryptocurrencies. Many potential users may have limited awareness or misconceptions about blockchain technology. By actively engaging and educating this untapped audience, Web3 projects can demystify cryptocurrencies, promote financial literacy, and create user-friendly interfaces that lower barriers to entry. This can empower individuals with the tools and knowledge needed to participate and benefit from the Web3 revolution.

Lastly, an expanded user base contributes to the decentralization and democratization of power within the crypto space. As the community diversifies, decision-making becomes more decentralized, reducing the influence of a few dominant entities. This fosters a more democratic and inclusive ecosystem, where users from various backgrounds have a voice and can actively participate in shaping the future of Web3.

The problem with traditional Web2 advertising platforms

When a Web3 advertiser chooses to run campaigns aimed at engaging potential cryptocurrency users within the Web2 realm, they often gravitate towards major players like Facebook and Google. However, these platforms impose substantial constraints on cryptocurrency ads, and the approval procedure is long, tedious, and frequently results in rejection.

Facebook enforces extensive limitations on advertisements promoting cryptocurrency trading platforms, software, and associated services or products facilitating cryptocurrency monetization, reselling, swapping, or staking. These ads require written authorization, which is frequently denied, and advertisers have to provide an extensive array of licenses to secure access to Facebook’s user base. Although this rigorous process is primarily aimed at safeguarding users against potential fraud and scams, the resulting skepticism toward cryptocurrency projects is fostering a climate of constrained possibilities. This growing perception of crypto as potentially fraudulent is consequently impeding the pace of its advancement and adoption, presenting a significant hurdle for the broader integration of Web3 technologies.

While Google somewhat eased its grip on restrictions regarding cryptocurrency ads in 2022, the stringent requirements, long and difficult approval procedures, and prohibitions on certain product advertisements remain in place. As a result, the majority of Web3 projects continue to face challenges in advertising on the Google platform.

How does AdEx try to overcome the major doubts about crypto ads

AdEx operates as a programmatic Demand-Side Platform (DSP) that connects to Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs) to source traffic. While most publishers within the SSP network are traditional platforms with no direct association with crypto, they often harbor doubts about the integrity of crypto-related advertisements. This skepticism is also mirrored in the stringent restrictions imposed by major platforms like Google and Facebook towards crypto ads.

To address this challenge and overcome the prevailing disbelief, we proactively engage in direct discussions with SSPs regarding the terms and conditions for launching crypto ads on traditional publisher websites. Prior to integrating them into our platform, we ensure that our advertisers' campaigns are thoroughly reviewed and approved to reach the most relevant and receptive audiences.

By doing the heavy lifting, we strive to provide a seamless experience for our clients and assist them in overcoming restrictions imposed by traditional platforms. Through these efforts, we aim to bridge the trust gap and establish a strong foundation of integrity and transparency in the realm of crypto ads, thereby opening up new avenues for advertisers to reach their target audiences effectively.


Reaching out to untapped audiences of potential crypto users is of paramount importance for Web3 projects. By doing so, they can gain fresh perspectives, increase liquidity, bridge knowledge gaps, and promote decentralization. This outreach not only benefits the projects themselves but also contributes to the overall growth and vibrancy of the Web3 ecosystem.

At AdEx, our mission revolves around facilitating seamless entry for Web3 projects into Web2 audiences while precisely targeting prospective users. We firmly believe that this mission plays a pivotal role in propelling cryptocurrency into the mainstream and democratizing blockchain technology. While the Web3 community is already dedicated to perfecting the user experience for the upcoming billion users, AdEx is committed to actively engaging and onboarding this vast audience, ensuring a smoother journey for all.

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