EthCC Web3 Marketers Brunch by AdEx: Recap

Check out some photos and tweets about our most recent event - a brunch we held in Brussels during EthCC, especially for Web3 marketers!

EthCC Web3 Marketers Brunch by AdEx: Recap
AdEx hosted its third Web3 marketing event during EthCC Brussels, gathering an impressive group of Web3 marketers for networking, sharing experiences, and learning from one another.

Another awesome AdEx Web3 marketing event is in the books!

This time, we gathered a cool group of Web3 marketers and had 4 amazing speakers for brunch and a panel session during EthCC Brussels. Our fantastic panelists—Itai from Market Across, Hanna from, Ivan from Ambire Wallet, and Antoni from Cookie3—shared some great insights from their Web3 journeys.

Alex (OOO podcast), Hanna (, Ivan (Ambire Wallet), Antoni (Cookie3) & Itai (MarketAcross) talking about Web3 marketing
Alex (OOO podcast), Hanna (, Ivan (Ambire Wallet), Antoni (Cookie3) & Itai (MarketAcross) discuss trends & strategies in Web3 marketing
Web3 markters listening to the panel speakers on AdEx Web3 Marketing event in Brussels
We gathered many Web3 marketers who were in Brussels for EthCC

The main topics discussed included the importance of building narratives, setting key performance indicators (KPIs), exploring various types of incentives for users, differentiating communication strategies for B2C and B2B customers, and more.

A crowd of Web3 marketers at the AdEx Web3 Marketers Brunch side-event at EthCC Brussels 2024
After a delicious brunch, it was time to learn more about challenges in Web3 marketing and their creative solutions

AdEx events are made especially for Web3 marketers. They're awesome chances to network, swap ideas, and learn from seasoned Web3 marketing pros with diverse backgrounds and perspectives:

We were thrilled to see such a positive response at the event, and on X:

One of our guests made a neat summary of the most important takeouts from the panel:

We're dedicated to adding value for Web3 marketers in every way possible. That's why we're gearing up to organize even more Web3 marketing-focused events that are even bigger. We're really excited about what's coming up, so keep an eye out for future announcements. Stay tuned!

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