Privacy-preserving ads users actually want to see

AdEx ZK is a Web3-powered, privacy-preserving targeting engine of the AdEx platform that lets you reach targeted audiences with user-curated ads for more effective campaigns


What is Zero-Knowledge Advertising?

Zero-knowledge advertising represents the next leap forward in the logical evolution of digital advertising. It employs an innovative technological approach, enabling precise user targeting without the need to collect user data through cookies or other tracking tools.

By design, zero-knowledge advertising safeguards user privacy and ensures advertisers’ compliance with regulations.


How does AdEx ZK targeting work?

AdEx ZK is a Web3 targeting engine that facilitates direct connections between advertisers and publishers.

Users select the ad categories of interest

Website and app users have the option to select their preferred ad categories, ensuring the relevance of the ads they see. By using in-situ processing technology, we guarantee that the data never leaves the user’s device, which ensures complete data protection and privacy.

Advertisers target with precision

Advertisers can fine-tune their campaign preferences to target highly receptive and engaged audiences.

Matching between advertisers and publishers

Advertisers are seamlessly matched to the right users based on their pre-selected targeting criteria. Every ad-related operation, from targeting and bidding to matching, takes place directly on the user's device, rather than the AdEx platform, which ensures personal data protection and privacy.

Rewards for users

Users who engage with AdEx ZK ads are rewarded with ADX tokens, which they can claim through the control panel.

Benefits of AdEx ZK

For Advertisers

Reach highly receptive and engaged audiences through effective targeting

Ensure full compliance with privacy and data collection regulations

Complete transparency in reporting

Leverage ad fraud protection backed by Web3 technology

Enjoy easy onboarding and intuitive yet powerful product interface

For Publishers

Secure high-quality and relevant ad inventory for your users

Ensure maximum profits by cutting out intermediaries

Access premium advertisers and expand your horizons

For End Users

Enjoy highly relevant ads that align with your self-selected preferences

Ensure your personal data is protected at all times

Earn ADX tokens for interacting with any ad within the AdEx ZK ecosystem

Frequently asked questions

What makes ZK different from other advertising solutions?

AdEx ZK uniquely combines the power of targeted advertising with the assurance of user privacy, all within the Web3 ecosystem.

Is AdEx ZK compliant with privacy laws?

Yes, AdEx ZK is designed to comply fully with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations simply because we do not collect any user data.

If no data is collected, how does AdEx ZK gather information about the user for targeting?

Through AdEx ZK, we introduce the concept of user-curated ads, where users choose the categories of ads they are interested in. All user preferences and data are stored locally on their device, and for precise targeting, AdEx connects to the user's device, conducting all targeting processes on it

How do I get started with AdEx ZK?

AdEx ZK is still under development, and we are working tirelessly to bring it to life. Subscribe to the waiting list, and get notified as soon as we are ready.

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