AdEx 2024 Roadmap

The AdEx's 2024 roadmap outlines major milestones, including the launch of the new AdEx platform, AI-powered campaign optimization R&D, introducing Zero-knowledge privacy-preserving targeting engine, enhanced ADX staking, and the formation of key partnerships.

AdEx roadmap for 2024
AdEx roadmap for 2024 is here

In 2023, AdEx underwent substantial changes and updates, marking a period of transformative growth. Through this journey, valuable lessons were learned, leading to significant technological enhancements. These advancements were driven by a commitment to AdEx's core purpose: the development of a high-performing ad platform tailored to meet the marketing needs of Web3 advertisers. With the new year fast approaching, it is time to reflect on what we achieved in 2023 and what we still have in store for 2024!

Highlights from 2023

2023 was a very busy year for the AdEx team. Check out some of the more notable accomplishments from the past year:

  • The strategic brand split between Ambire Wallet and AdEx
  • Extension of staking rewards program
  • Evolution of AdEx from an ad network to a programmatic demand-side platform
  • Revamped UI for the AdEx platform
  • Collaborative efforts with supply-side platforms
  • Ongoing enhancements, development, and optimization of the platform

You can read more in our full 2023 recap here.

The 2024 AdEx roadmap

Many developments are coming in 2024, too - even more exciting than in 2023 because next year is when we will re-launch AdEx! Read on for the full details.

AdEx roadmap for 2024

AdEx platform release: the bridge between Web3 and Web2

The highly anticipated release of the new version of the AdEx platform is coming! It is set to revolutionize the Web3 space by introducing programmatic advertising into the mix, offering a game-changing opportunity for Web3 advertisers to access previously untapped audiences. The upcoming platform version will unveil a fresh look, an intuitive campaign creation process, low fees, and a built-in ad fraud protection mechanism - but most importantly, it connects traditional supply-side platforms (SSPs) with the AdEx ecosystem. Furthermore, users will have the flexibility of choosing from various payment options, including stablecoins or ADX tokens, the latter offering additional benefits such as reduced fees. The platform will support Polygon and Ethereum networks, enhancing accessibility and compatibility for a seamless user experience.

The release of the new AdEx platform is scheduled for Q2 2024. Keep an eye out for additional details and an exact release date.

A screnshot from the updated AdEx platform UI
A sneak peеk into the new AdEx platform

AI-powered campaign optimization R&D (AdEx AI)

AdEx is taking on a very exciting journey to elevate Web3 digital advertising with AI-powered campaign optimization, currently in the research and development phase.

Set for a launch in the early quarters of 2025, AdEx AI will employ deep learning algorithms to adjust campaigns in real time, including optimizes ad targeting and bidding strategies, identify and prevent fraudulent ad activities as well as creatives generation.

AdEx embarrassing AI technology

Zero-knowledge targeting engine (AdEx ZK)

Over the course of the year, we will continue to implement enhancements to the AdEx platform, and a significant upcoming feature is a zero-knowledge targeting engine, which is currently under development. We aim to eliminate the reliance on cookies entirely, introducing comprehensive user privacy and control over data.

This initiative aligns with our goal of achieving full compliance with privacy laws for advertisers. Moreover, advertisers will have the chance to target users who have specifically opted in to view ads, enhancing their receptiveness toward advertisements. Introducing this new feature will bring a network aspect to AdEx as we collaborate with advertisers and publishers to extend these advancements to all parties involved.

Run privacy-preserving ads with AdEx DSP
AdEx lets you target the right audiences with the ads they want to see

Email-based DKIM account recovery

The team is integrating DKIM signature validation to improve security for accounts created with an email address. In its essence, it is an email-based recovery mechanism for AdEx accounts that is easy to use, very secure, and has DKIM signatures used by most modern email providers.

So how will it work? DKIM is a standard email authentication method that adds a digital signature to outgoing messages. Receiving mail servers that get messages signed with DKIM can verify messages actually came from the sender and not someone impersonating the sender. DKIM enhances the existing security features within the integrated Ambire Wallet's SDK.

Upgraded ADX staking

Following the official platform launch, our next objective is to enhance the AdEx staking portal by introducing a new element to the staking process – specifically, enabling users to delegate to a validator within the AdEx ecosystem. The ADX staking pool will consolidate all validator pools, serving as a unifier for all.

Through this initiative, we hope to reinforce the pivotal role of validators within our system. Delegating to a validator enhances the decentralization and security of the network by distributing validation responsibilities across multiple nodes. This not only safeguards the integrity of transactions but also reduces the risk of central points of failure. This new feature will accompany a refreshed look of the staking portal.

Partnerships with supply-side platforms and business development

A continuous objective for 2024 is to build on business development in various directions, including attracting suitable tech and business partners, expanding our network, and onboarding new customers and publishers. The aim is to rejuvenate AdEx and establish it in a prominent position as a central marketing platform in the Web3 space.

High-quality SSPs play a crucial role in the success of campaigns by providing us with quality publisher slots to display ads. In 2024, AdEx will continue the exploration of the programmatic space to identify optimal SSPs for integration. Our research encompasses the assurance of high-quality publishers for network expansion while addressing potential bans and streamlining approval processes for Web3 advertisers. Our commitment remains to facilitate a seamless connection between Web3 advertisers and Web2 audiences. Moreover, we aim to guarantee a diverse array of available ad slots across various devices and websites, enhancing the marketing mix for our advertisers.

Stay tuned for all that is yet to come

Certainly, we're gearing up for another thrilling year. Stay tuned to our blog, connect with us on social media if you haven't already, or become part of our vibrant communities on Discord and Telegram to stay informed about the latest happenings with AdEx!

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