Varying Impression Count: Why is That


Posted by AdEx Network on April 1st, 2020


If you’re an AdEx publisher, you may sometimes notice the number of impressions you are generating to vary, despite your website’s traffic being somewhat consistent. There are a few possible reasons for this - no reason to be concerned.

Ad market dynamics

The most obvious reason for varying impressions is the dynamic nature of the ad market. The number of active ad campaigns, their CPMs and most importantly - their targeting - are not a constant. This may likely influence the ads that are broadcast on your site, and can lead to a different number of generated impressions for different time frames.

Changes in advertiser bids

In future versions of our platform, advertisers will be able to adjust their CPM bids per publisher to better optimize their campaigns. This way, advertisers will be able to incentivise publishers with higher quality traffic that convert better. Advertisers will be able to change pricing dynamically and this may have an impact on your total as a publisher.

Introduction of new policies

AdEx Network is an ever-evolving solution - our team is constantly working on improving the way the platform works both for advertisers and publishers. We are continually monitoring everything that’s going on with AdEx. Whenever we identify the need to introduce a new policy, we do it. Some of the policies may be related to impressions - the way they are counted and recorded, for example. Whenever such a policy is introduced, we put a note about it in the Announcements section of our Help center.

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