AdEx Alpha Unveiled: Setting the Stage for AI-enabled Advertising

AdEx Alpha debuts, setting a foundation for AI-enabled advertising with enhanced account management, streamlined campaign creation, and precise analytics.

AdEx alpha version annoucement
AdEx announces its platform's alpha version

We're thrilled to announce that the alpha version of the AdEx platform is now live! After nearly a year of relentless effort, coding, and research, we are ready to unveil what we have been passionately crafting. This initial release lays the foundation for a robust platform focusing on critical areas such as account setup and management, campaign creation, and campaign analytics. Currently, the platform is undergoing internal testing, and we're excited to share detailed updates as we refine these features further.

What’s included in the alpha release?

This initial version introduces core features that define how advertisers manage campaigns and accounts and focuses on user experience and functionality. The features we’ve released include an intuitive campaign creation interface, comprehensive analytics to track campaign performance, and streamlined account management. As we continue to test and enhance these elements, we wanted to showcase the capabilities shaping the future AdEx platform:

Campaign creation and analytics

Creating a campaign on AdEx is designed to be straightforward and intuitive. The process is smooth and includes just 3 easy steps to campaign launch. Let’s go through the process so you can get a feeling of how smoothly it goes:

  1. The campaign creation begins with selecting ad placements (websites and apps) and targeted device types (mobile and/or desktop).
  2. Next, you select affinity categories that define the type of websites or apps the ads will show on. On the last setting on the screen, you select the target countries, where you can choose between all available, specific, or all except specific countries.
  3. The third step defines the campaign period, the billing currency (if you have more than one available in your account), the campaign budget, and the CPM bid range. Done, just give the campaign a name and launch it!

Here’s a more illustrative example from a test campaign for Ambire Wallet. For this one, we've got two ad formats—300x250 px and 728x90 px—targeting Brazil, India, and the USA. We set the CPM between $1 and $5, aiming to show on websites focused on Investing and Business. The campaign budget is 450 USDC.

The final step of a campaign launch on AdEx platform
The final step of the campaign launch process on the AdEx platform

As part of our ongoing enhancements to the campaign creation process, we're integrating an impression estimate tool on the right-hand side of the screen. This feature will give advertisers an approximate count of the impressions they can expect to achieve based on their selected targeting options. We aim to roll out this valuable addition with the upcoming beta version of the platform.

Campaign analytics

We understand the importance of data in digital advertising. That's why our platform includes an analytics dashboard that provides real-time insights into campaign performance. Advertisers can monitor the status and main KPIs for each campaign on the dashboard. Under status, one can see the current state of each campaign—active, paused, completed, or archived.

Next is a percentage showing how much of the campaign budget has been spent. Additionally, we display the main campaign metrics, including click-through rates (CTR), impression counts, and clicks, in real-time. Under action, advertisers have four options: campaign overview, campaign analytics, copy campaign, and archive campaign.

AdEx dashboard
AdEx dashboard presents an overview of all of the campaigns

Let’s take a closer look at the campaign analytics section. It consists of four tabs offering a timeline, ad placements, regions, and creatives. Each tab includes insightful information about the campaign’s performance. The timeline shows a time series chart of impressions, clicks, CTR, and ad spending broken down by day. The ad placements present a list of all web properties (websites and apps) where the ad creatives have been shown. Regions list all geographical locations where the ads were shown, and the last one, creatives, goes into detail on the performance of each creative. All of the analytics tabs include the main KPIs, including impressions, clicks, CTR, and ad spend. The Placements, Regions, and Creatives campaign insights will be available in the platform’s beta version.

Campaign timeframe chart
The analytics screen shows the campaign performance

At AdEx, our primary objective is to empower advertisers with the data they need, recognizing the significance of informed decision-making. We plan to leverage AI to enhance data analysis and optimization campaigns on our platform soon. This integration of AI-driven features focuses on precise audience targeting and real-time budget optimization. These capabilities allow for dynamic adjustment of campaign parameters and spending, ensuring optimal ad performance and efficient use of resources. By automating these processes, we simplify operations and effectiveness of advertising campaigns, providing advertisers with superior returns on investment.

Account creation and management

Creating an AdEx account couldn’t be easier: all it takes is providing an email address and password. But this isn’t just any account—an Ambire Wallet smart account is created in the background thanks to the integration of the Ambire Wallet Login SDK (another product from the Ambire & AdEx group of companies). This way, you get the best of both worlds: easy onboarding and account management, as well as the enhanced security, transaction speed, and account recovery of a crypto wallet. Talk about convenience!

AdEx account creation via the Ambire Wallet Login SDK
The account creation process with the Ambire Wallet SDK is a breeze

What to expect in the beta version

As thrilled as we are about the launch of the alpha version, we anticipate the beta release even more. The beta is set to enhance the AdEx platform's functionality significantly. We are committed to resolving bugs from the alpha testing to improve stability and performance, ensuring a smoother user experience as we move forward.

Here's a list of the exciting features to look forward to in the beta release:

  • The introduction of permanent validators to replace the temporary ones enhances platform security.
  • Expansion of supported networks to include Ethereum, in addition to the current Polygon.
  • Adding USDT, ADX, and DAI alongside the existing USDC will provide more payment options.
  • Enhanced statistical breakdowns by country and ad placement, providing deeper insights into campaign effectiveness.
  • Adding on-ramping processes to make funding accounts even easier.
  • Impression estimations for more accurate forecasting and a clearer picture of the ad’s reach.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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