The New AdEx Platform is Live!

The much-anticipated official relaunch of AdEx is here, marking a significant milestone in revolutionizing digital advertising. This update introduces new features to deliver a robust, efficient, and transparent experience for Web3 advertisers.

The wait is over - the new AdEX platform is available to Web3 advertisers
AdEx Platform relaunches as a Web3-focused DSP

It is here! The much-anticipated official relaunch of AdEx is now a fact, and it represents a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to revolutionize the digital advertising landscape!

This relaunch introduces new, fundamental features and enhancements designed to deliver a more robust, efficient, and transparent advertising experience for all users.

Our focus is on connecting Web3 advertisers with untapped, highly targeted Web2 audiences.

Building upon in-house technology, we leverage ZK and AI tech to continuously optimize campaign performance, combat ad fraud, and streamline the campaign creation process.

Let’s explore what’s new, the benefits for advertisers, how to launch a campaign, and take a look back at AdEx’s journey and where it is heading.

AdEx unique selling propositions
AdEx sets it apart as the go-to solution for Web3 advertisers

What’s new?

With its newly updated platform, AdEx introduces a range of enhanced features to improve user experience and boost ad performance. Here is what users can expect:

Advertiser-centric approach

Compared to the previous version, which served both publishers and advertisers, the new AdEx platform is now solely focused on delivering services specifically tailored for Web3 advertisers and their unique needs.

Access to untapped Web2 audience

Advertisers on AdEx benefit from effectively reaching a highly targeted Web2 audience. Traffic is sourced through supply-side platforms with diverse networks of publishers.

Campaigns are executed across relevant categories through AI-based optimization and fine-tuning, ensuring maximum engagement and high conversion rates for advertisers.

Improved user interface

AdEx’s new interface offers a simpler, more intuitive, and user-friendly platform. Our primary focus is on providing advertisers with easy campaign creation and detailed analytics.

The updated design of the dashboard

Programmatic ads

AdEx is the first advertising solution to integrate OpenRTB into Web3. The platform offers advanced targeting and precise audience segmentation based on demographics, interests, and behaviors, all finely tuned to maximize efficiency for Web3 advertisers.

Payment flexibility

We provide flexible payment options with multiple stablecoins such as USDC, USDT, and DAI. Additionally, advertisers can use the native token ADX for payment, enjoying a reduced campaign fee of 4%, down from 7%. This payment flexibility caters to diverse financial preferences and incentivizes the use of ADX within our platform, ensuring cost-effective advertising solutions for our users.

Polygon network support

In addition to supporting Ethereum, AdEx now integrates with the Polygon network, providing advertisers with lower transaction fees and expanding network diversity.

Stronger security measures

To bolster funds protection and streamline account creation and management, we’ve implemented the Ambire login SDK. This battle-tested login SDK allows for seedless self-custodial account creation, meaning you can register with email and password, as on any Web2 platform.

AI integration

We are actively working on further incorporating AI to enhance the AdEx platform’s capabilities. Using AI helps us optimize campaign performance, mitigate ad fraud risks, and improve targeting precision. That ultimately delivers better results and a more efficient advertising experience on our platform.

Zero-Knowledge targeting engine

AdEx facilitates a Zero-Knowledge (ZK) targeting engine to address critical challenges in enhancing user privacy and reducing reliance on third-party cookies. By leveraging in-house ZK technology, we empower end-users to retain control over their personal data and preferences while enhancing their engagement with advertisements. AdEx ZK is incorporated into our tech stack (infrastructure) and is utilized in relevant use cases.

Benefits for advertisers

Low campaign fees: AdEx offers a competitive standard campaign fee of only 7%, significantly lower than other ad platforms. This fee applies when using supported stablecoins such as DAI, USDT, or USDC and is reduced further to 4% when ADX is utilized.

Access to an untapped audience: Through our SSP integration, Web3 advertisers gain access to a diverse range of publishers' websites, expanding their reach to previously untapped audiences.

Programmatic ads access: Enabled efficient media buying across diverse channels and devices, allowing for high volumes of traffic generation.

Enhanced performance insights: Advanced analytics provide comprehensive performance data, empowering advertisers to optimize strategies and achieve superior results.

Are you ready to maximize your advertising impact? Launch your campaign today with AdEx!

How to start using AdEX

Getting started with the platform is simple and involves just a few easy steps. First, create your account. Next, add funds to your account. Finally, launch your first campaign.

Check out this comprehensive article for instructions on creating an AdEx account and adding funds. Once your account is set up, follow this guide to start your first campaign.

AdEx’s journey

Since its launch in 2017, AdEx has undergone a transformative journey marked by significant milestones and innovations. Following a successful crowdfunding campaign in June 2017, which raised over $12 million, AdEx accelerated its platform development efforts. By January 2018, the platform had launched as the first decentralized ad exchange and soon became Ethereum's largest payment channel network, processing billions of micropayments.

Venturing into Decentralized Finance (DeFi), AdEx integrated staking mechanisms and introduced various DeFi features. This initiative sparked the creation of Ambire Wallet, a pioneering self-custodial Account abstraction wallet that offers innovative functionalities such as seedless accounts and gas abstraction. Ambire Wallet is one of the most promising Web3 browser extension wallets, with more than 100k users.

In 2022, the AdEx team pivoted towards an advertiser-centric ad platform, helping crypto advertisers reach highly targeted audiences beyond Web3.

Additionally, plans to integrate AI and Zero-Knowledge (ZK) tools were in the making and announced, aiming to enhance campaign effectiveness and fraud detection significantly.

After years of intensive development of Web3 technology, the AdEx team has delivered several essential ad tech components to the Web3 world. The relaunch of the AdEx DSP platform marks a significant step towards a more integrated suite of ad tech. This step takes AdEx closer to becoming a decentralized ad tech infrastructure provider, offering an essential technological stack to the Web3 ad tech ecosystem.

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