Scam Alert: Fake ICO in China

Posted by AdEx Network on October 12th, 2018


Once again, it’s that unfortunate time where we have to warn you to protect yourselves from scams.

First off, we have to start by saying that the AdEx Contribution Campaign was over by the end of June 2017. Anyone who is offering you participation in any token sale event supposedly run by AdEx is scamming you!

We have been notified recently that someone has been conducting a fraudulent AdEx ICO in China. They use pictures and videos of us to additionally help their cause.

In June 2018, we were approached by an individual who wanted to meet with us to discuss a potential partnership. Me (Ivo) and my co-founder Dimo met with that individual and his associate over lunch and dinner. They offered us community management services, and we politely refused. We never entered into any agreement with them, formal or otherwise.

Since then, we have not heard from those individuals, until we were informed of this by a member of our community.

To summarize:

  1. Anyone claiming to be running an ICO associated with AdEx is lying
  2. Stick to the official website, this Medium blog, and our Twitter. Do not trust any other source!
  3. AdEx Network OÜ will NOT approach you in regards to any token sale
  4. We have no agreement or relation with the individuals pretending to be running an AdEx ICO in China

We urge our community to help us to circulate this message to as many community members as you know.

Finally, we want to add how disturbing it is that this is happening. Things like this are precisely what skeptics use against cryptocurrencies, blockchain and our community — and they do have a point, things like this really do happen often. We are committed to doing everything in our power to (1) inform our community and (2) approached our legal counselors on taking the necessary actions

GPG Signed version of this message:

— — —

UPDATE: Chinese translation:




  • 任何人声称与AdEx有关的ICO活动都是谎言
  • 认准官方网址, 本布告栏,和我们的推特。不要相信任何其他的消息来源!
  • AdEx Network OÜ会与您联系销售事宜。
  • 任何运行AdEx在中国ICO的人与我们没有任何协议或其他关系,均为假冒。


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