AdEx in Numbers: July & August 2021


Posted by AdEx Network on September 1st, 2021

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As we wonder where did the summer go, and why this global pandemic is still going on, it is time to take a look at the statistics from our digital advertising platform and token staking portal. This month’s transparency report is a double one as we didn’t publish an update for July - so check out what’s new and how much we’ve grown.


Our platform hit 15,000 registered users - we seem to be reaching every upcoming milestone faster and faster! These are all corporate clients who either use AdEx Network to advertise their products and services, or website owners who are monetizing their traffic.

Out of them, almost a thousand publishers were active and offered ad inventory for sale, and the active advertisers were 54.

If you have been following our company, you most probably know that our ad network operates on a CPM (cost per mille) model. In July, we served a total of 121,552,257 ad impressions. The number for August was slightly lower at 97,018,690 impressions. If we were lame, we’d make a pun with the word “impressive” but we’re not so we’ll just leave it at that.

monthly stats platform july august 2021

AdEx Staking

Both the Validator Tom and Loyalty staking pools continue to grow. Since the last upgrade of our staking contracts, the rewards are being auto-compounded.

This leads to two major benefits:

  1. It saves gas fees and transaction costs for restaking - and these are significant savings given current gas prices; and
  2. It encourages stakers to keep their tokens staked for longer periods of time. In the long run, this ensures price stability for all ADX holders.

monthly stats staking jul aug 2021

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