Ambire AdEx in Numbers: January 2022


Posted by Ambire on February 2nd, 2022

Steadily focusing on the 2022 roadmap objectives, the Ambire AdEx platform is enjoying the halo of Ambire Wallet ecosystem’s intense period, while growing in usage. January’s numbers are a great start for a year that announces to continue 2021’s expansion with even more fervor, bringing more interconnectivity inside the crypto ecosystem and opening-up metaverses. 

Ambire AdEx Platform

As the blockchain tech space makes way for more and more of its uses, the need for transparent, self-governing tools that can help promote and broaden the reach of brands becomes paramount. This is where the Ambire AdEx platform comes into play, offering its real-time reporting and native crypto payment solution. 

Responding to the need of the market, Ambire AdEx’s relevance is visible in the significant growth of last month’s stats: number of accounts has risen by almost 300, the number of impressions delivered had a +1 Million increase, while the number of publishers on the platform grew with more than 50% since December 2021:

monthly stats platform jan 2022

$ADX & Staking

On the $ADX front, the steady advancement of the Ambire AdEx platform is visible also in holders & stakers stats, where we have slight increases across the board. 

Even more encouraging is the growth of the pools, where we see +1,6 Million more staked tokens in Tom Pool and almost 1 Million more staked in the Loyalty Pool. 

Here’s a breakdown of the January 2021 stats for the token:

monthly stats staking jan 2022

Last but not least, a special shout-out goes out to our community for migrating its $ADX stakes to the Ambire Wallet, taking advantage of its early user rewards program for the newly launched $WALLET token. Thank you, your support fuels us 🚀

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