AdEx in Numbers: January 2021


Posted by AdEx Network on February 1st, 2021


January flew by and it’s time to share with you our monthly transparency report. We started the new year strong, and we’re working tirelessly to maintain our growth. Take a look at what we achieved this past month.

On the platform side, we reached a new benchmark: 6,000 registered corporate clients (advertisers and publishers). We saw a MoM growth of 6.6%.

The number of active advertisers grew slightly, and we saw an expected increase in the registered publishers as well. We served 19% more advertising impressions than we did in December 2020.

Overall, the platform is gaining significant traction, and we’re seeing more and more signups from customers that are generally underserved by the advertising industry for one reason or another. With everything planned in our roadmap, we expect this to remain a sustainable trend.

transparency report jan2021 platform

AdEx staking is also growing nicely: in January, we have attracted 17% more stakers to the Validator Tom pool.

The number of ADX tokens staked in the Loyalty Pool has increased by 9.25%.

With AdEx Farming now over, token holders have selected to re-invest their ADX into the available pools. This is good for the entire AdEx ecosystem as it ensures a more stable token, and increasing support of by our community. As you may know, staking reinforces the accountability of validators, which in turn ensure the smooth running of the advertising platform.

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

transparency report jan2021 staking

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