Ambire AdEx in Numbers: February 2022


Posted by Ambire on March 1st, 2022

We’ve officially entered the spring season, so it’s time to draw the line and see how this past winter weathered with the Ambire AdEx ecosystem — you guessed it, it’s transparency report time and we’ll look at February’s stats, as they tell the story of a constant and healthy growth — coupled with the ambitious plans already in motion for product development, 2022’s outlook is definitely a reassuring one.  

Ambire AdEx Platform

More than ever before, advertising in the blockchain universe is a subject of discussion and reflection, reinforcing the need for tools and protocols built to sustain the communication and promotion needs of this industry. Questions of transparency, ethical advertising and privacy, which are deeply ingrained in the Ambire AdEx DNA, are now addressed by a new category in the making. 

The Ambire AdEx platform envisioned this day way back in 2017 when it launched, and now the fruits of what was then sow are ripe and ready to reap, as the numbers we’re seeing are advancing steady and surely: the total number of registered users is up by a few solid hundreds reaching 18,485, while the number of active publishers and advertisers have both risen since last month:

monthly stats platform feb 2022

$ADX & Staking

On the token side, $ADX is also seeing a good evolution, having a constant number of holders that seem to enjoy the Staking Platform’s benefits: total number of tokens staked has increased by a considerable + 2Million, evenly distributed in both Tom and Loyalty pools: 

monthly stats staking feb 2022

All in all, the consistency we’re seeing in Ambire AdEx’s performance in the last months is indicative of a well-rounded product and a well-oiled system, as we are ready to lead the advertising category as a growth vector of the blockchain industry. We’re confident that the months to come are going to see us grow even more, so be sure to subscribe and stay tuned to our updates on the Ambire AdEx Twitter.

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