Ambire AdEx in Numbers: December 2021


Posted by Ambire on January 7th, 2022

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It’s a new year and the Ambire AdEx community has lots of reasons to be excited, from a new development road map to the awesome loyalty rewards program of the $WALLET token that is already accumulating value, even before release. But before embarking on our 2022 voyage, let’s have a last look at last year’s numbers and see how December played out. 

Ambire AdEx Ad Platform

The need for decentralized, transparent and user-empowering advertising solutions is growing ever so evident as the blockchain ecosystem captures more attention, increases its numbers, embraces more solutions and web 3.0 becomes an undeniable reality. This trend is visible in the continuous, steady growth of registered users in the Ambire AdEx platform, where at the end of the year we counted 17,929 accounts that delivered a total of 15,7 million impressions, a significant 2 million more than in November. 

We expect even more traction in the months to come, as we are going to roll-out new features —  you can check-out the Ambire AdEX product roadmap for 2022 here, while a clear outline of the December stats is below: 

monthly stats platform dec 2021

$ADX & Staking

For the participants in our staking pools, 2021 was indeed a good year as the APYs of both pools yielded high percentages: 44% for Tom and a generous 38% for Loyalty. With more than 40,6 Million USD in $ADX staked in total, the protocol is surely generating added value for the 900+ stakers of both pools. 

A detailed summary of the ADX token performance in December follows: 

monthly stats staking dec 2021

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