AdEx Update — March 28th, 2019

Posted by AdEx Network on March 28th, 2019


AdEx Platform update

It’s been a long time coming, but get ready for the platform to have a new look and feel in line with our 4.0 release, and our new goals and vision for 2019. The AdEx platform is ready to get out of beta and we are actively on-boarding advertisers and publishers.

v4.0 Roll-out plan

The new AdEx protocol (v4.0) is a complete product revamp, bringing significant improvements such as payment channels and micropayments, real-time header bidding, and a significantly better UX.

One of the most important components of v4.0 is the AdEx Market— it directly facilitates the discovery of ad demand/supply between publishers and advertisers without any pesky middle parties. As promised in our roadmap, we’re on track to release the AdEx Market by the end of the month.

The validator stack: Goerli testnet

The component that facilitates the micropayments in AdEx, the validator stack, has reached a significant milestone: v0.3.0 — this is a big deal! The operation of micropayments ensures one of the major features of AdEx, fraud mitigation. Micropayment channels are a means by which campaign health can be monitored and measured in near real-time.

We’ve deployed two instances of the validator stack, connected to the Goerli testnet. You can explore the payment channels here:

Expect a follow up on this soon!

AdEx around the world

At the beginning of March, the AdEx team took part in two events in Paris — the Ethereum Community Conference (ETHCC) and the ETHParis hackathon. It is always a pleasure to meet up with the Ethereum community, exchange ideas and work together on different projects, and this time was no exception.

Our CEO Ivo Georgiev was invited to speak at both events, and we have the videos of both his talks:

One of the main ideas of the talk is that because AdEx’s payment channels are direct between publisher and advertiser, it mitigates the opportunity for fraud and false or inaccurate reporting. OUTPACE, which Ivo speaks to at some length, is a scalable means by which these payment channels operate.

Later in March the team headed to London, UK for the Marketing Technology Expo to spread the word about AdEx to the world of traditional ad tech and marketing.

Team Growth

The team is very pleased to announce the addition of four new team members to help AdEx realize the vision of а working, massive decentralized ad network. With a working product, we are now ready to begin the exciting phase of bringing it to the world! Today, we introduce Ivan, Samuel, Nadia and Dylan.

Nadia Ivanova — Communications specialist & account manager

Nadia’s true passion is customer relationship building and management in the service industry, and she is looking forward to representing the AdEx brand and values. She has years of experience in account management, editorial and community management, and she’s helped a number of brands in the online gaming, education and payment industries.

Ivan Manchev — Communications Specialist

Ivan is a data-driven creative generalist with deep experience in media, communications and copywriting since 2013. He’s passionate about advertising, online marketing, product management, social media, branding & design, PR, and overall strategy. During the last three years, he has been a partner at the software development collective SolvedOut, co-founder of the crypto marketing agency ICO Brains and co-founder of Victus Games. We are so pleased to have Ivan on board to help us with the overall communications strategy behind AdEx.

Samuel Omidiora — Developer

Samuel is a software engineer experienced in the web & mobile development. He is highly interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and contributes to a number of open-source blockchain projects like blockchain-etl in his spare time. He is currently focused on AdEx core protocol development.

Dylan Dewdney — Business Development Specialist

Dylan has been in the crypto space as an investor since 2012, a miner since 2013, and a ‘buidler’ since late 2016. Previous to AdEx, Dylan Co-founded the Harbour Governance Protocol and then was also Chief Evangelist for BEAM Mimblewimble and before that, had 8 years’ experience as a Director of Marketing and Sales in the traditional business world. Dylan is also a visual and conceptual artist with an academic background in social theory and social movements. We are pleased to have Dylan on board to help us grow AdEx.

Official Community Media

Note that we are officially migrating our community discussions from Telegram to Discord. The AdEx team believes Discord to be a way better tool for community purposes. We will also regularly communicate and post on our official Twitter and our Medium as per usual.

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