AdEx Update - August 17, 2020


Posted by AdEx Network on August 13th, 2020

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It’s summer where we’re based, and it’s hot but we’re not lying on a beach sipping on summer cocktails. The AdEx team has been quite busy, bringing a ton of new things to our users and our crypto community.


  • We released a major targeting upgrade that includes audience presets, publisher lists, advanced campaign parameters. You can read more about it here. These targeting improvements help advertisers make the most of their budgets and achieve better results in terms of both CTRs and conversions.
  • Campaign targeting can now be edited for active campaigns to refine results.
  • Publishers are now able to choose between manually setting minimum CPM rates for their ad inventory, or have our platform assign the min CPM to their ad slots. This way they have more control over their earnings and receiving optimal revenue for their ad property.
  • We have added an option for publishers to easily enable or disable adult-related content on their websites.
  • Along with multiple fiat currency top up options, we have enabled bitcoin deposits so our advertisers can fund their accounts with BTC too.
  • A new “Websites” page has been added to publisher accounts where publishers can see all of their registered websites, their status (verified/not verified) and request verification for sites that failed the initial one.
  • An archiving option is now available for ad slots, ad units and save audiences. This helps our users organize their account activities more efficiently.
  • The default validator fee has been changed from 5% to 7% per campaign. This change is important as it incentivizes more ADX token holders to participate in staking and ensure that campaign validators’ performance. Subsequently this ensures the smooth operations of the AdEx platform.
  • We have adjusted network fees in accordance to the recent Ethereum gas prices to make sure that platform transactions do not get stuck due to network congestion. The new fees will be displayed before any transaction is confirmed. As the updated fees are higher than usual, we recommend that our users wait for larger amounts to accumulate before withdrawing, for example. AdEx advertisers and publishers have full custody of their funds so keeping funds in your AdEx accounts is safe.
  • We have significantly improved the advertiser and publisher dashboard analytics - they now have more time frame options, and clearer graphic representation of the data.

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Token upgrade

A particularly exciting area, on which we have been working lately, is the upgrade of our native ADX token. We are enhancing it with DeFi (decentralized finance) features such as flash loans for example. The new token economics allow people to stake ADX tokens for extra rewards, thus earning significant passive income. If you are interested in this, keep an eye on this blog and our social media channels for more updates.

Growth and adoption

We have reached 3,500 registered users on the platform, and the number continues to grow. We are serving an average of 1,030,459 unique daily impressions.

We have also teamed up with Chainlink - we are integrating Chainlink oracles for validator uptime verification and publisher staking.

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