AdEx Update — April 16th, 2019

Posted by AdEx Network on April 16th, 2019


Dev Updates — AdEx Identity and other important developments

AdEx Identity — this is an abstraction on top of Ethereum that allows grant accounts, gas-less transactions (paying the network fees in DAI or another token) and scheduling interactions for a later time (e.g. auto-withdrawing from channels).

The AdEx Identity is vital for user experience, as it solves many of the UX hurdles of early dApps, such as requiring the user to have ETH, have a web3-compatible browser, or MetaMask installed. We’ve made significant strides towards completing this layer for AdEx.

The Ethereum part of our protocol — (adex-protocol-eth) - received significant updates.

More than 10 pull requests were merged since our last bi-weekly update — including much cheaper creation of user accounts (a reduction of over 90%, from 3 million to 200k gas), anti-bricking protection, and improvements in the ways we handle relayer fees — The AdEx Relayer is now almost ready and it’s capable of deploying identity contracts, handling grants, and executing transactions on behalf of the user. (Please note, the Relayer is not published on our GitHub yet).

The AdEx Market received various bugfixes:

The AdEx Validator stack has reached a v0.4 milestone, with significant stability improvements since v0.3 You can check the full list of improvements here:

The updated version of the platform is just around the corner! We’re finalizing the campaign open UI and the publisher dashboard. Expect further updates in the coming days!

AdEx around the world

Ethereal Hackathon: AdEx will be a sponsor for the Ethereal Hackathon by Gitcoin + Microsoft running from April 15–30th. Check out our bounties here by searching for AdEx Network.

Toronto Blockchain Week: AdEx team member Dylan Dewdney will be in attendance at a number of events for Toronto Blockchain Week from April 22–28th in Toronto, and he will be giving a short talk and demos of the platform at one of the more fun networking events: “Just a Crypto Party”.

Interactive Advertising Bureau: The following week on May 7th in NYC, we will take part and sponsor the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s “IAB Tech Lab Open Forum: Ad Tech in Blockchain, it’s working!”. Dylan will take part in one of the panels as well as give a talk on the platform and protocol.

We are super pleased to be part of all these events and looking forward to introducing AdEx and Eddie the Moonicorn to everyone!

Team Growth

The team is very pleased to announce the addition of new team member.

Lachezar Lechev— Developer

Lachezar began coding at the age of 13, and has been fascinated with software development ever since. To no surprise, he has managed to channel his passion into significant experience and numerous completed projects. Recently, he decided to make a career turn, leaving behind his work in web development to pursue projects and challenges with Rust and blockchain tech. We are very pleased to be adding Lachezar to our development team!

Official Community Media

Note again that we have officially migrated our community discussions from Telegram to Discord. The AdEx team believes Discord to be a way better tool for community purposes.

We will also regularly communicate and post on our official Twitter and our Medium as per usual.

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