AdEx Update - December 4, 2019

Posted by AdEx Network on December 4th, 2019


Platform, protocol & company updates

  • Even though the platform is still in private beta, ads are flying between advertisers and publishers. Last month we served more than 45,000,000 impressions - that’s 45 million! Not bad, we say, not bad.
  • The AdEx Registry is almost ready for release - we will publish a separate blog post post about this soon. The smart contract is currently being audited so there’s a lot to share about this.
  • We have updated the AdEx ad tech features roadmap. You can see it here.
  • We also implemented Ramp Network’s fiat onramp. This means that if you have a EU bank account in GBP, you can top up your advertiser account in British Pounds. Funding AdEx accounts with FIAT currency is a request we have been getting for a while now, and we delivered.
  • Our marketing and sales team attended Web Summit in Lisbon last month. We had a chance to meet a lot of people interested in blockchain and decentralized technologies, and we got a lot of people excited about decentralized advertising.
  • We took part in the Grow Ethereum virtual hackathon by Gitcoin, and the submissions we received were awesome. Read more about this here.
  • The Future of Blockchain educational program is now in full swing, and we are incredibly happy we get to support and sponsor it. So far, a solid number of teams have expressed their interest in building on top of the AdEx protocol, and we can’t wait to see what they create.

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