AdEx Introduces a Zero Knowledge Targeting Engine

AdEx announces a zero-knowledge targeting engine that is pivotal in the AdEx platform. Addressing concerns about user privacy, reliance on cookies, and lack of user engagement, AdEx ZK is a comprehensive solution to key challenges in the digital advertising landscape.

Adex announces AdEx ZK, a zero-knowledge targeting engine poised to revolutionize digital advertisin
AdEx announces a ZK targeting engine

We are pleased to introduce AdEx ZK, a zero-knowledge targeting engine that will be integrated into the AdEx platform soon after its expected launch in Q2, 2024. AdEx ZK redefines the approach to user data management and targeting processes to revolutionize the advertising industry. AdEx ZK addresses some prominent issues within the digital advertising industry: the absence of user privacy, dependence on third-party cookies, and enhancing user engagement with ads.

How will AdEx ZK work?

AdEx ZK provides advertisers with the option to target more responsive audiences while adhering to all privacy laws. The targeting engine will be seamlessly integrated into the campaign creation process on the platform, ensuring a straightforward and efficient campaign setup.

AdEx ZK employs in-situ processing to guarantee that the user data essential for ad-matching stays exclusively on the user's device, providing them complete control over their data. This eliminates any data transfer between the publisher and the platform. AdEx ZK adheres to zero-knowledge principles by safeguarding user information and ensuring compliance with present and future privacy regulations.

To enhance targeting precision and maximize campaign engagement, AdEx ZK provides users with the option to choose their preferred ad categories, referred to as "user-curated ads." This feature empowers users to control the types of ad content they encounter, promoting increased engagement. Additionally, users will receive ADX tokens as a reward for their attention. This user-centric approach fosters a more personalized ad experience and incentivizes users for their active engagement with the content.

In case the user chooses not to specify their ad preferences, contextual targeting will be employed to match the appropriate audience with the ads featured on the AdEx platform. Contextual targeting relies on the website’s content and doesn't involve any collection of user data, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to safeguarding user privacy.

What are the benefits of AdEx ZK?

AdEx ZK offers numerous advantages for advertisers, encompassing improved ad engagement, compliance with privacy laws, and reduced fees. Simultaneously, it provides users benefits such as enhanced data protection, rewards, and greater control over ad content.

Higher ad engagement and user control over ads

The ability for users to select their preferred ad categories proves advantageous for both users and advertisers. This empowers users to have control over their viewing experience, enabling them to focus on content that aligns with their interests. Moreover, they will receive ADX tokens as a reward for their attention, thereby further enhancing their overall engagement. Consequently, this heightened user engagement translates into improved ad performance for advertisers.

Privacy laws compliance and data protection

We already mentioned that AdEx ZK refrains from gathering user data for any purpose. Instead, all ad-matching processes occur directly on the user's device. This ensures automatic compliance for advertisers with present and future privacy laws and provides full protection for users.

Low fees

AdEx ZK offers advertisers a distinct advantage with significantly lower fees than similar ad platforms. The campaign fees stand at just 7% for deposits made with USDC, USDT, and DAI, further reduced to 4% for ad spend in our native ADX token.

In conclusion

The introduction of AdEx ZK signifies a notable advancement in the domain of digital advertising. Leveraging in-situ processing technology and user-curated ads, AdEx ZK empowers end users with control over their data and the content they view, all while ensuring elevated campaign engagement. In the dynamic landscape of digital advertising, AdEx ZK stands out as a platform with a focus on privacy, efficiency, and security, envisioning a future where user engagement and data protection seamlessly coexist.

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