AdEx in 2023: A Year of Evolution

In 2023, AdEx redefined Web3 advertising with strategic moves like becoming a demand-side platform, extending ADX staking rewards, updating the platform's UI, and collaborating with major SSPs to offer diverse ad spaces.

AdEx in 2023: A Year of Evolution

In the dynamic landscape of digital advertising and the flourishing Web3 space, AdEx navigated 2023 with strategic decisions, transformations, and community-driven initiatives. Let's delve into the key developments that shaped AdEx's journey throughout the year.

Community-driven strategic separation of Ambire Wallet and AdEx

In a pivotal move, Ambire as a company chose to separate its two products, Ambire Wallet and AdEx, aligning each with its distinctive audience. This decision was made with careful consideration and was subjected to a governance vote, ensuring that the community played a pivotal role in shaping the course of the company. The move reflects AdEx's commitment to adaptability and responsiveness to the evolving needs of its user base. Nevertheless, AdEx and Ambire Wallet maintain a strong connection, as AdEx will utilize the Ambire Wallet as a foundation for every created account, thereby ensuring optimized performance and enhanced security.

Transforming into a Demand-Side Platform (DSP)

A major highlight of 2023 was the announcement of the platform's transformation into a demand-side platform, coupled with the launch of the revamped AdEx website. In short, the decision was made to transition AdEx from an ad network to a demand-side platform (DSP) with a specific focus on Web3 advertisers. This strategic shift brings programmatic advertising to Web3, aiming to connect Web3 projects with new, previously untapped audiences. The move positions AdEx at the forefront of innovation, fostering increased accessibility and efficiency in digital advertising.

A graphic depicting the programmatic advertising process with Open RTB
A visualization of the key players in the programmatic process. AdEx will be positioned on the advertiser side as a demand-side platform (DSP)

Extended ADX staking rewards

Responding to the needs and desires of its community, AdEx proposed an extension of the ADX staking rewards distribution. This proposal aimed to tackle the sustainability and longevity of reward distribution, exploring the most suitable approach to accomplish this objective and highlighting the collaborative nature of decision-making within the AdEx ecosystem. Via a successful governance vote, the AdEx community opted to distribute 2 million ADX tokens and implement a halving of the staking rewards, thereby extending the rewards distribution period.

Integration of programmatic open real-time bidding

In a significant stride into the world of programmatic advertising, AdEx integrated open real-time bidding - a process used in programmatic advertising where advertising inventory is bought and sold on a per-impression basis in real-time. This move enhances AdEx’s capabilities, offering several benefits to Web3 advertisers, including enhanced transparency, swift campaign deployment, access to a diverse array of publishers, cost efficiency, and more.

Revamped UI for a fresh and intuitive user experience

AdEx places a strong emphasis on user experience, leading to a comprehensive redesign of the platform's UI. The outcome is a refreshed and intuitive interface designed to enable users to navigate the platform seamlessly while appreciating an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly design. The updated AdEx UI facilitates a campaign creation process that can be completed in a few minutes, saving valuable time for users.

A screenshot of AdEx's platform updated UI
A sneak peek into the revamped AdEx platform

Collaboration with major supply-side platforms

To provide advertisers with a diverse range of ad space, AdEx established partnerships with major supply-side platforms (SSPs). These platforms encompass various publishers capable of meeting advertiser targeting requirements and offering access to the right audience base. Importantly, these platforms are carefully selected to be crypto-friendly, sparing advertisers from lengthy and cumbersome KYC and approval processes.

Web3 marketers event at DevCon Istanbul

AdEx demonstrated its commitment to community engagement by organizing an event for Web3 marketers during DevCon Istanbul. The initiative brought together a diverse group of like-minded individuals, allowing them to share insights, lessons, and challenges. The discussed topics encompassed a broad range, including strategies for simplifying crypto language to facilitate the onboarding of new users, the efficacy of influencer and social media campaigns, the application of zero-knowledge concepts in advertising, and various other subjects.

AdEx plans to organize further marketing-focused events in 2024, so stay tuned for what the new year will bring!

A crowd of Web3 marketers and founders at AdEx organized dinner in Istanbul
Dimo Stoyanov, Ambire and AdEx co-founder and COO, welcomed the guests to the Web3 marketing dinner in Istanbul
Dinner tables at Spago restaurant with a panoramic view of Istanbul, Turkey
The dinner table setting with a stunning view of Istanbul

Continuous optimization

Even though there were many developments going on, the team remained focused on optimizing the AdEx platform for peak performance. The platform's backend underwent enhancements to efficiently handle a substantial volume of requests from our supply sources and minimize bid response times, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free programmatic process. These enhancements are designed to offer the best possible experience for our advertisers and maximum campaign performance.

In summary, 2023 was a transformative year for AdEx, marked by strategic decisions, technological advancements, and community-driven initiatives. The company's evolution positions it as a leading player in the intersection of Web3 and programmatic advertising, committed to innovation, efficiency, and user satisfaction.

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