AdEx Community Chat Migrating to Discord

Posted by AdEx Network on January 17th, 2019

For a while now, we’ve been convinced that Telegram is not the best option for a community chat. This prompted us to explore alternative communication channels in order to deliver a better experience to our community members. After extensive research (i.e. a quick google search; jk), we selected Discord as the new home of our community discussion.

The main reason we decided to make this shift is Discord’s support for much better, more granular permission management and moderation tools.

In addition to this, setting up our own Discord server will allow us to us to have different channels within the same chat. This way, information will be organized much more efficiently; you’ll be able to quickly find the information you need without combing through endless conversations on multiple topics.

We’ve settled on the following channels:

  • General: General discussion and questions;
  • Announcements: Official news, notes and remarks from the AdEx team;
  • ADX: Discussion of the ADX token economics;
  • Protocol: Questions and conversations about the AdEx protocol;
  • Bug reports: International cuisine and political matters. We’re kidding, this one will be for reporting bugs within the AdEx DApp/protocol.
  • Suggestions: Recommendations about improving AdEx

We will make the actual move within the next couple of weeks — follow this blog for the link to our Discord chat. Once the new chat is live, we will leave the Telegram discussion for a few more weeks, and we’ll shut down our official Telegram channel subsequently.

The rest of our communication channels will remain unchanged.

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