We Are Reorganizing the AdEx GitHub

Posted by AdEx Network on June 19th, 2018

If you have been following our project, you know that the AdEx advertising DApp is now in its Adoption and Improvement stage of the roadmap. We consider this an excellent time to reorganize a few things, and one of these things is our public GitHub.

This is why we are changing our GitHub organization from AdExBlockchain to AdExNetwork. The reason for the change is that this name is consistent with our branding across all other channels, and helps our project be more recognizable.

This change is mostly “cosmetic”. All HTTP links to AdExBlockchain will be automatically redirected to AdExNetwork, but if you’ve linked any of our projects in your own (e.g. with npm or as a git submodule), you will need to update the dependency links accordingly.

All the repositories will retain the same names they have had until now.

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