Token Sale Update: Smart Contract in Top Shape [UPDATED]

Posted by AdEx Network on June 29th, 2017

We have a quick update about the AdEx smart contract. It was audited by the New Alchemy investment group and we have just received their preliminary report.

The auditors found no critical errors and concluded that the smart contract is of good quality. They also noted that the code demonstrates full awareness of the potential security pitfalls that may be encountered.

Several minor issues were discovered, however none of them are critical and will not affect the token sale in any negative way.

All in all, the project is in great shape and we are ready to start the token sale at 11:00 AM GMT tomorrow, June 30.

Read the audit report here.

About the auditors

New Alchemy is one of the leading boutique consulting and investment groups in the spheres of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and commerce.

The managing Director of the company is Peter Vessenes, who is also a co-founder of the Bitcoin Foundation and in 2014 launched the the first Bitcoin company to be funded by a VC.

Important Update

The smart contract has now passed audit and been successfully deployed at this address. It does not accept any contributions yet, until the start of the actual crowdsale campaign at 11:00 Jun 30.

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