Scam Alert: AdEx Site Clone & Fake Twitter Account

Posted by AdEx Network on November 5th, 2017

We have been alerted that our website has been cloned and is now advertising a fake ADX airdrop.

The address of the fake site is and it promises ADX coins to ETH holders. This is not an official airdrop and if you provide your personal details, you will be scammed.

In addition, a fake Twitter account was created to advertise the scam airdrop — @adx_network. It was designed to look like our legitimate Twitter profile but again, it’s fake and it’s only purpose is to defraud members of our community. We have already reported the fake account to Twitter and we hope that it’s taken down ASAP.

The only sources of information about AdEx you should trust are our website, this Medium blog, as well as our social media channels, listed on our site.