Introducing: The AdEx Mascot [+Community Challenge]

Posted by AdEx Network on January 25th, 2018

You have probably taken a glimpse of him in our Telegram group; he’s funny, he’s blue, and he’s sometimes silly but most importantly — he’s awesome. We are excited to introduce to you the AdEx mascot!

He’s a unicorn. Because we do believe that everyone needs a little bit of magic in their lives, and who’s a better ambassador for magic than a unicorn? No one, that’s who!

He is chill and likes to party. He enjoys vacations on the Moon.

He knows when to HODL. He has a crypto portfolio that’s usually performing well.

There’s just one problem… He doesn’t have a name! Will you help us choose it?

Help us name the AdEx unicorn mascot

Many names were suggested at the AdEx office. We were just about to vote for the one we liked the most when we figured — why not ask our community and get them to suggest names to choose from? You, the members of our growing community, have always been supportive, helpful and encouraging, so who better name the unicorn?

All you have to do is leave a comment with your suggestion, or tweet your name suggestion with the #NameTheUnicorn hashtag (make sure to use the hashtag and tag @adex_network so we don’t miss your tweet). We will then collect all the name suggestions, choose the three we like best and we’ll ask you to vote for the best one on Twitter.

We can’t wait to see your suggestions — don’t let us down!

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