AdEx Integrates AirSwap

Posted by AdEx Network on July 9th, 2018

This week, we have concluded the integration between the AdEx DApp and AirSwap. AirSwap is a token marketplace powering the decentralized web. It is built on Ethereum peer-to-peer technology, and allows purchasing and selling various tokens in a simple, secure and commission-free way.

This integration means that anyone interested in our platform will be able to buy ADX tokens not only for ETH or BTC but for a large number of alt tokens such as OMG, BAT, GNO, etc. for example. Exchanges made through AirSwap are handled directly between the participating parties, without any middlemen or third-party solutions. AirSwap allows users to easily find tokens they need, connect to a counterparty and execute the trade peer-to-peer.

We are bringing AirSwap to the AdEx DApp to facilitate the platform’s adoption and make the AdEx services more accessible for potential advertisers and publishers. Being able to acquire ADX tokens by exchanging GNO for example removes the step of converting the tokens to ETH or BTC first; this makes the entire process of launching an advertising campaign on our DApp much easier and quicker. AirSwap is incredibly effortless to use, just as AdEx is, and currently works with MetaMask, Trezor and Ledger wallets.

How to use AirSwap to exchange tokens

In order to buy or sell ADX tokens via AirSwap, just go to your account in the AdEx DApp (there’s a link to your account in the lower left corner of the interface). There you will see a button that reads “Buy/sell ADX with AirSwap”. Click on that button and follow the instructions — it’s literally that easy.

Please note that you need to log in to AirSwap with the same wallet you have used to log in to the AdEx DApp to be able to complete the transaction and see the tokens in your balance.

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