The Charity NFT Auction: Which Charities Are We Supporting


Posted by AdEx Network on September 16th, 2021


The charity NFT auction that we organized is in full swing, and there is still possibility to get in on it and purchase a very exclusive piece of digital art that goes together with a unique, hand-crafted plush toy. 

It is now time to share more information about the three charities we have selected to support so read on. 

The charities 

1. Ole Male

We have already mentioned Ole Male - a Bulgarian foundation that helps mothers of children with disabilities. If Bulgaria seems like a random choice to you - this is where our core team is based. 

Sadly, the Bulgarian social system is rather dysfunctional. This means that parents of kids with special needs are most often victims of physical, emotional and financial isolation. 

Ole Male encourages such parents to work from home handcrafting different items while taking care of their kids. The foundation facilitates the sale of the handcrafted items by organizing charity events, reaching out to corporate sponsors, logistics, etc.

2. Galapagos Conservation Trust

The Galapagos Conservation Trust supports and delivers projects in the areas of restoring habitats, protecting species and driving sustainable solutions in an effort to protect the unique wildlife of Galapagos. 

Some of their projects include saving rare birds and fish, bringing dragons back to the volcanoes, protecting endangered sharks, monitoring the giant tortoise movement and much more. They are also working to protect sea turtle habitats and sea turtles are adorable so they get our vote of confidence for that. 

3. Crypto Kids Camp

Children are the future, as the song goes, and crypto is also the future (we don’t know if there’s a song about that). Crypto Kids Camp is an organization that mashed up these two futures to organize in-person educational programs for kids ages 5-17 during school breaks. 

The camp curriculum is called B.E.A.S.T.M.O.D.E., which stands for Blockchain, Evolution of money, Artificial Intelligence, Security, Technology, Mining and machine learning, Online gaming, Drones, and Engineering. 

This seems like a pretty cool program and we’re wondering if they would accept us too - but if they don’t, we’ll simply make a donation to make sure more kids can get passionate about decentralization and technology. 

The selection process 

When we started planning the NFT drop, we already knew that Ole-Male would be one of the causes that we would support - after all, they helped us with production of the handmade plush toys and we were impressed by their professionalism and the good that they do. 

Our team then sat together and everyone shared various causes that they care about. It turned out we were all concerned about preserving nature, wildlife and cute animals. Humanity is part of a complex and delicate ecosystem so it is important to make sure we do our part in helping the Earth’s flora and fauna thrive. This is why we selected the Galapagos Conservation trust. 

Other common themes were kids and technology - and what better option than combining these two? Researching this space, we came across Kids in Crypto and it seemed like a perfect cause to get a part of our donation. 

When vetted all three organizations to make sure that they are doing good, meaningful work, and direct donations towards actual causes (i.e. we did our due diligence to ensure they’re not scams). 

Want to participate and win $6,000? Here’s how

If you are ready to jump in, you can head over straight to and choose the NFT you’d like to purchase. 

Prices start at 0.3 ETH - an excellent prize for a super limited artwork (there are a total of 50 such NFTs to be sold ever). Plus, there’s a special prize for one lucky winner - one of the NFTs holds a prize of $6,000 worth of ADX tokens so whoever buys that one, will be making bank straight from the beginning. You can learn more about this in the NFT auction announcement.

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