Development Update March 2024

As we approach the eagerly awaited launch of AdEx in Q2 of 2024, we're excited to share an update on our recent advancements.

AdEx development update - march 2024
Time for another AdEx Development Update for Q1 of 2024

As we work toward the anticipated launch of AdEx in Q2 2024, we're thrilled to update our community on our progress over the past three months. From significant optimizations to integrating another SSP, we aim to expand the AdEx project in 2024 significantly.

What have we done in the past three months?

Significant DSP server performance boost (+20%)

We have enhanced the DSP server performance by over 20%, improving the platform responsiveness and making handling of heightened traffic demands effortless. Furthermore, we have transitioned to a more robust database infrastructure - pivotal for scalability and seamless operations. We're pleased to announce the successful completion of a significant database migration process, setting the stage for enhanced performance and future feature expansions.

Integration of Eskimi as an SSP partner

Expanding our ad network is crucial for enriching advertising opportunities within the AdEx ecosystem. We're excited to announce the integration of a second SSP - Eskimi, which aims to broaden our inventory sources and audience segments. Read the full announcement here:

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Announcement of the AdEx Ambassadors program

We recently introduced the AdEx Ambassadors program, which is designed to unite individuals passionate about Web3 and ad tech. We aim to foster growth within the AdEx ecosystem and cultivate a vibrant community. The program encourages contributions in community management, content creation, marketing, and technical areas. Read more and apply to join us:

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Introduction of Invictus RPC

Invictus RPC is an in-house high-performance reverse proxy tailored for Ethereum/EVM RPC providers - a compelling alternative to relying solely on a single RPC provider. It offers distinct advantages such as automated failover, prioritization capabilities, remote configuration updates without redeployment, proactive failure detection, and performance monitoring across various providers under real-world loads. You can read more about Invictus RPC and its benefits below:

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Implementation of an advanced testing environment

In preparation for our launch, we've upgraded our infrastructure with new testing servers to ensure our platform's performance is solid and reliable. Simultaneously, we're refining our campaigns through data-driven optimizations, including publisher category matching, to enhance ad relevance and effectiveness, ensuring value for both advertisers and publishers.

Continuous campaign optimization

Continuous improvement is pivotal in our pursuit of delivering tangible value to our users. Currently, we are diligently optimizing campaign results through data analysis and algorithmic refinement. We launched test campaigns for Ambire Wallet and Stremio, experimenting with various banner sizes and creative designs to engage audiences effectively in-app and on websites. Even with broader targeting, the campaigns are attracting engaged traffic, showcasing the potential of our ad inventory.

What’s next?

  • Finalizing and rigorously testing the AdEx platform before the official launch.
  • Integrating Epom as the third SSP to expand our ad network reach.
  • Addressing any outstanding issues and optimizing performance to ensure seamless operations.
  • Securing event sponsorships, attending key industry events, and hosting special side events to enhance community engagement and visibility.
  • Exploring new business opportunities and establishing strategic alliances.


The recent developments for AdEx signify substantial progress towards our goals of delivering an innovative and effective advertising platform. With each advancement, we move closer to launching the AdEx platform and connecting the Web2 and Web3 realms.

Stay tuned to be the first to know about our next developments.

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