AdEx Presents Invictus RPC

AdEx will use Invictus RPC - a reverse proxy for Ethereum/EVM RPC providers developed in-house.

AdEx presents Invictus RPC
AdEx presents Invictus RPC - a reverse proxy for Ethereum/EVM RPC providers

We are delighted to announce another update for the AdEx platform! AdEx has developed “Invictus RPC” -  a reverse proxy for Ethereum/EVM RPC providers, which, of course, will be used for the advertising platform.

Choosing an RPC is crucial for multiple reasons, each of them impacting decentralized applications' performance, scalability, security, and user experience (dApps). In short, choosing an RPC provider can significantly influence the success of blockchain-based projects (both technically and operationally). Reliability in performance, security, data integrity, and support are non-negotiable for building trust and ensuring a high-quality user experience in a decentralized world.

Invictus RPC simplifies the decision-making process by offering access to various RPCs and features that streamline configuration effortlessly.

What is Invictus RPC

Invictus RPC is a high-performance reverse proxy for Ethereum/EVM RPC providers. It aims to provide a single resilient endpoint that aggregates multiple RPC providers and allows failover and quorum. It further allows for configurable prioritization and load-balancing.

It is a great alternative to using one single RPC provider as it boasts the following key features:

  • Failover: it automatically excludes RPC providers which are down
  • Prioritization: it allows you to prioritize certain RPC providers over others
  • Remote reading of the configuration: configuration can be changed without the need to re-deploy
  • Failure detection: it can exclude RPC providers who fail often, even if they aren’t currently down
  • Performance tracking: Invictus RPC tracks the performance of different providers over real load

Will Invictus RPC be publicly available?

We plan to eventually launch Invictus RPC as a publicly available service because we do believe it would greatly benefit other projects in the Ethereum ecosystem.

However, at the moment the focus is on it benefiting AdEx products the most.

What are RPCs, and why are they important

RPC stands for Remote Procedure Call, and in the crypto context, an RPC allows you to communicate and interact with a blockchain. RPCs enable interactions between a client, e.g., a Web3 wallet or a dApp - decentralized application and a blockchain node.

This interaction is fundamental for executing transactions, querying blockchain data, and smart contract operations. RPCs are important because they allow developers to build applications that can easily interact with a blockchain - this enhances the scalability, flexibility, and accessibility of blockchain technologies.

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