The AdEx Staking Portal: What’s New

The AdEx Staking Portal has been enhanced with new features. Now, users can enjoy mobile staking, gasless staking, and a fresh new look. The article details these updates and how to use them.

The AdEx Staking Portal: What’s New

Mobile staking, gassless staking and a fresh new look: read on to see how we enhanced our staking portal

Following our major token upgrade earlier this year, we announced a number of changes to the AdEx staking portal planned for Q3 of 2020. We are happy to confirm that the user interface changes have been successfully completed!

✅ Brand new look for the staking portal

We gave the staking portal a sleek new look — aside from a number of new features we’ll expand on in a bit. Now you can find the most important information at a glance: the current APY, your full ADX balance, the total staked amount (for you and between all stakers), your rewards, etc.

There’s also a new staking homepage. There you can see the ADX rewards being distributed in real time. You can also use the reward calculator: it’s handy to calculate your estimated reward based on how many ADX tokens you plan to stake and for how long.

✅ Mobile staking via WalletConnect and MetaMask

We integrated WalletConnect to the staking portal. This means now you can stake using different wallets, apart from MetaMask, both on desktop and on mobile. Just make sure your ADX tokens are on a wallet, supported by WalletConnect.

In early September, MetaMask released its mobile app for iOS and Android as well — so you can also stake using their app.

✅ Stake for free using gasless staking

Gas prices have significantly risen recently due to Ethereum network congestion. To allow ADX holders to stake for free, we introduced gasless staking! It’s really easy: when you go to the Gasless Staking page, you will receive a unique address for your gasless staking account.

To this address you can send as many ADX tokens as you wish from other addresses or exchange accounts. When you have a 10,000 or more ADX in your balance, you can click “Stake” and that amount will be staked without gas fees. You can read the full announcement on our blog.

The above changes mean that we’ve completed another milestone from our Staking Roadmap: On to the next!

🛠 Coming soon: Stake directly with Trezor or Ledger

Trezor or Ledger users can stake their ADX at the moment too, but they need to use them through MetaMask (here’s how). Soon you would be able to stake your ADX directly from your Trezor or Ledger hardware wallet — without needing an additional interface (as it is now with MetaMask).

👉 👉 👉 START STAKING NOW! 👈 👈 👈

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