AdEx Newsletter Giveaway Winners Announced


Posted by AdEx Network on April 22nd, 2021


Since we introduced the AdEx Staking Newsletter back in October, more than 5,000 readers joined the club to receive selected news about AdEx each month (sometimes even before the news hits everywhere else).

In April we decided to give away a total of 2,000 ADX to ten lucky AdEx Staking Newsletter subscribers and we announced a giveaway on our social media.

As per promotion terms, today we drew the 10 lucky winners of the promotion.

The Prize Draw Mechanics used

  1. We assigned subsequent numeric numbers to all participants in the promotion
  2. We took the hash of the first Ethereum block after 11:59 UTC on April 21st, 2020.
  3. We converted the hash it from hexadecimal to decimal (C328 to C337), then divided it by the number of participants in the promotion - 315. The remainder was the winning number.
  4. We then repeated this with the 9 subsequent blocks to determine the next 9 winners.

And the winners are…

You can check the full list of participants and their answers to our survey here. All sensitive data - emails and ethereum addresses is hidden. However, you can check timestamps of when the survey was filled by each participant.

For maximum transparency we decided to announce the Telegram handles and Ethereum addresses (you can check the addresses in the spreadsheet) of the 10 winners of the survey. So the winners are:

  • vell phon
  • @kity123
  • danielshulee
  • Angelos
  • Kah Mun Tang
  • Kingsley
  • Eric Telladega
  • @cryptojzz
  • @thanhnv88
  • @Superdant

Winners will be airdropped 200 $ADX each in the next 48 hours.

We want to thank everyone for taking part in our survey and giving us invaluable feedback about AdEx Network’s communication. There are more neat surprises coming soon, so make sure to keep an eye on our social media and don’t miss our newsletter.


The AdEx Network Team

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