Get 30% Cashback on Your Advertising Budget with AdEx

To celebrate the launch of AdEx, we are offering a 30% cashback to advertisers for a limited time.

AdEx 30% cashback offer
Advertisers can enjoy a limited 30% cashback offer for advertising with AdEx

The new AdEx ad platform for advertisers was released last week, and now is the best time to try it out! Not only can you take advantage of all its benefits, but you can also get cashback on your advertising spend for a limited time. Hurry up and launch your campaign while this offer is still valid!

Receive a 30% cashback on your advertising spend

To celebrate the relaunch of AdEx as an advertiser-focused platform, we are offering 30% cashback on a total advertising spend of over $10,000 to be used for further campaigns! Make the most out of your advertising budget by increasing it with this offer, here are the full conditions:

  • Minimum (total) spend to qualify: $10,000 or its equivalent
  • Cashback amount: 30%
  • Offer valid until: 31.12.2024

Why launch a campaign on AdEx now

There are plenty of reasons to choose Adex and plenty of benefits for advertisers. Here just to name a few:

  • Access to an untapped audience: Web3 advertisers on AdEx benefit from effectively reaching a highly targeted Web2 audience
  • Lower fees & payment flexibility: Campaign fees on AdEx are only 7% and reduced to 4% for campaigns launched in ADX tokens. You can also use USDC, USDT, and DAI.
  • Enhanced user experience and performance insights: The new interface is simple, more intuitive, and user-friendly, and the advanced analytics provide comprehensive performance data for maximum effect.
  • ZK targeting engine: By leveraging in-house Zero Knowledge technology, end users retain control over their personal data and preferences, making the platform fully compliant with GDPR, CPRA, etc.
  • Upcoming AI integrations: the team is actively working on further incorporating AI to supercharge the capabilities of the AdEx platform.

These are just some of the features that make AdEx stand out. This article provides a full list of improvements and advertiser benefits.

Getting started with the AdEx platform

It only takes a few steps to register with and start using the AdEx ad platform. The user interface is intuitive and guides you through all the steps, and we also created some useful articles on our Help Center to assist you further:

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