AdEx Gitcoin Bounties: Deadline Extended

Posted by AdEx Network on May 13th, 2019


The Ethereal Virtual Hackathon, powered by Gitcoin and Microsoft, finished a few days ago. As you know, we issued 3 challenges as a part of the event.

Even though the hackathon is over, we didn’t want all the fun to be over too. This is why we are extending the bounties for 2 of our 3 challenges prepared for the hackathon participants for another 30 days! Don’t waste any time — go win big with AdEx:


First and foremost: the challenge. We’re giving you a chance to work on super exciting projects — it’s not everyday that you get to contribute to a game-changing protocol that can significantly improve the online advertising world.

Then there’s the opportunity to put yourself on our radar. As any fast-growing company, we are always on the lookout for talent to potentially join our team — so why don’t you use this chance to dazzle us and make us go “Dayummm, that’s one capable code we’ve got here!”.

Last but not least: 💰💰💰. That one’s pretty straight-forward, no further explanation needed.

Hope to see your bounty submission. Good luck!

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