AdEx Promo: Get 30% Cashback on Your Campaigns


Posted by AdEx Network on April 6th, 2020


With the coronavirus pandemic in full swing, our team is here to provide relief to our advertisers. We are launching a new promotion in which all advertisers can qualify for 30% cashback on their ad spend on AdEx Network.

Promotional mechanics

Participating in this promotion is very straightforward: all you need to do is launch one or more advertising campaigns during the promotional period, then send us an email and we will credit your account with the cashback.

Here are the conditions of the promotion:

  • Promotional period: April 6 - May 31, 2020
  • Minimum campaign spend: 100 DAI (that’s approximately $100; it can be spread over multiple campaigns during the promotional period);
  • Maximum advertising bonus amount: 500 DAI for the entire promotional period;
  • Minimum CPM: 0.5 DAI. This mean that in order for a campaign to qualify for the cashback, you need to set your CPM bid at 0.5 DAI or more.
  • The bonus money you will receive will be available for advertising on AdEx only - you will not be allowed to cash it out or transfer it.
  • To claim your cashback, please submit a request through our Help center with the subject line ”30% Cashback Reguest”. Don’t forget to include your account ID - you can get it by clicking on “Account” in the lower left corner of the AdEx screen, then click on the copy icon next to “AdEx account”.



Q: I want to take advantage of the promo but I don’t have an AdEx account. What do I do?

A: You can sign up for our ad network here.

Q: If I spend 3,000 DAI on advertising campaigns during the promotional period, will I get additional 1,000 DAI?

A: No. The maximum bonus amount is 500 DAI.

Q: If I spend 300 DAI on advertising campaigns during the promotional period, will I get additional 500 DAI?

A: Again: no. The bonus will be 30% of your spend, up to 500 DAI. This means that if you spend 300 DAI, you’ll get 90 back.

Q: If I start one campaign for 50 DAI and then another one for 50 DAI more, do I qualify for the cashback?

A: Yes. As long as you launch campaigns for a total of 100 DAI or more during the promotional period, you are eligible to get 30% of the campaigns combined value back.

Promotional Terms & Conditions

  • To take advantage of this promotion, deposit and spend a minimum of 100 DAI on advertising campaigns on AdEx between April 6, 2020, and May 31, 2020. AdEx Network will then match 30% of your spend up to 500 DAI.
  • Only campaigns with a CPM of 0.5 DAI or more qualify for the bonus.
  • Once you have met the minimum spend threshold, fill in the application form on this page to request your cashback. The AdEx team will review your application and will credit the cashback to your account if you have fulfilled the conditions.
  • You can qualify for the promotional bonus with a single or multiple campaigns. The total spend must be 100 DAI or more.
  • The promotional bonus can be spent on advertising campaigns only. It is non-transferable and can’t be sold, bartered or withdrawn from the AdEx account.
  • Campaigns funded with AdEx advertising grant money do not qualify for the bonus.
  • The offer for the promotional cashback is valid for new and existing customers.
  • AdEx Network reserves the right to deny the cashback bonus in any case where fraud or fraud attempt is suspected.
  • This offer subject to ad approval, valid registration, and acceptance of the AdEx Network standard terms and conditions.
  • Promotion may be revoked at any time for any reason by AdEx Network.


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