Meet AdEx at DappCon Berlin in May ’24

Learn more about what the AdEx team is up to for Berlin Blockchain Week. We are attending and organising some really cool events and we would love to meet you there!

Meet AdEx at DappCon Berlin in May ’24
AdEx's team event plans for Berlin Blockchain Week

The AdEx team is heading to Berlin Blockchain week this May and we're excited to grow our know-how and connections! We'll be in Berlin from the 20th until the 24th of May 2024, so get in touch with us if you want to grab a coffee and have a chat!

Berlin Blockchain Week

Berlin Blockchain Week is all about community collaboration, built on the idea that self-organization is key to the Web3 ecosystem. Throughout the week, there are loads of educational sessions covering diverse industry topics, plus networking opportunities for face-to-face exchanges of knowledge and ideas. We'll be diving into several ZK and AI-related events to stay in the loop on how these technologies are evolving, especially in relation to the platform features we are developing using those technologies. We're also keen to join discussions about how ZK and AI can be applied in various sectors, including advertising.


The AdEx team will be co-sponsoring DappCon Berlin together with Ambire. DappCon is a 3-day conference for developers and blockchain professionals focused on Ethereum infrastructure and dApps. With over 900 attendees from diverse projects coming together, it's the perfect opportunity to network, brainstorm, and team up. We're excited because our platform infrastructure is pretty cool, and this event offers a prime chance for us to get feedback, brainstorm ideas, and showcase our tech stack.

AdEx Web3 Marketers Event

Following our awesome event in Istanbul, we're keeping the party going with another side event focusing on Web3 Marketers that will take place in Berlin. Our goal is to bring together a cool crew of Web3 marketers to network and share industry insights. We can't wait to have a blast, just like we did with this cool bunch in Istanbul!

Our dinner guests being welcomed at the chic Spago, Istanbul. 

We will be announcing the event in due time, so stay tuned for more details!

Meet the team in person

Here's who'll be in Berlin from the AdEx team, so feel free to reach out if you want to say Hi or set up a meeting!

Ivo G - Co-Founder & CEO
X (Twitter) & Telegram
Dimo - Co-Founder & COO
X (Twitter) & Telegram
Ivan - Marketing, Memes
X (Twitter) & Telegram
Nadia - Marketing
X (Twitter) & Telegram
Aljaz - Community, Marketing
X (Twitter) & Telegram
Emil - Product
X (Twitter) & Telegram

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