Case Study: AdEx and Ambire Wallet

Ambire Wallet, a self-custodial smart contract crypto wallet, saw 4,300 new website visitors at an average CPM of $0.34 in just a month. Ambire partnered with AdEx for a test campaign while the advertising network is gearing up for its launch.

AdEx and Ambire allet case study
Find out more about the test campaign Ambire Wallet ran with AdEx

Over the past few months, the team behind AdEx has dedicated significant efforts to optimizing the AdEx platform and refining the bidding process to ensure the delivery of high-quality campaigns and relevant traffic. By fine-tuning targeting parameters and bidding strategies, we aim to maximize the impact of our advertising campaigns and effectively engage with the right users. As part of the AdEx development, we launched several test campaigns. The first one featured Ambire Wallet - a self-custodial cryptocurrency wallet renowned for ease of use, security, and feature versatility.

About Ambire Wallet

Ambire Wallet stands out in the Web3 landscape for its robust security measures and user-centric features. Built on Account Abstraction, the smart contract wallet offers features such as enhanced security, transaction simulation, and batching, built-in DeFi functionalities (swap, bridge, earn), multi-network payments in any token, and the ability to pay for gas in stablecoins and other tokens. With a web version, mobile apps for Android and iOS, and an upcoming browser extension, Ambire Wallet provides a comprehensive solution for users seeking secure and convenient Web3 wallet options across all devices.

The Campaign

While Ambire Wallet employs a wide range of marketing tools, including social media, email marketing, community quests, and event sponsorship, among others, to engage with existing crypto users, an advertising campaign through AdEx represented a strategic move to tap into new audiences.

The campaign for Ambire Wallet featured three different banner sizes - 300x250, 728x90, and 300x600 to maximize exposure and visibility across digital platforms. Targeting parameters were chosen carefully to resonate with the preferences of prospective users, specifically those keen on personal finance and investing. This demographic is seen as more likely to pursue alternative methods to manage and expand their assets, enhancing the probability of them transitioning to cryptocurrency holders and adopting Ambire Wallet. Lastly, the targeted countries included the USA, France, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

A 728x90px banner for Ambire Wallet
An example banner of 728x90px for Ambire Wallet

The results

In just a month, Ambire Wallet achieved significant exposure and engagement, effectively driving qualitative traffic to its website and increasing brand recognition among potential users. Operating with a $1,500 budget, Ambire Wallet's ads accumulated 4.4 million impressions and over 5,000 clicks, resulting in a Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 0.11%. This translated to more than 4,300 new users visiting the Ambire Wallet website at an average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of $0.34, a notably low figure compared to the standard $1-5 range for programmatic display ads.


In conclusion, the test campaign for Ambire Wallet has yielded promising results, showcasing the effectiveness of strategic targeting and engaging ad formats. By leveraging the AdEx platform and carefully crafting the campaign parameters, we've attracted high-quality traffic and increased brand awareness within the target audience. We firmly believe that with further testing and optimization of the CPM, we can unlock even greater potential for Ambire Wallet's growth and success in the following campaigns.

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