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Posted by AdEx Network on June 10th, 2021


Back in April we decided to celebrate the growth of the AdEx Staking newsletter list with an exclusive giveaway for our readers. To participate in the giveaway, one had to submit a short survey about AdEx Network and the DeFi ecosystem.

We received 317 submissions and today we decided to share some of the most interesting findings of the survey.

Uniswap and Pancakeswap are the most popular DeFi protocols among AdEx users

AdEx chart

We decided to check how involved in DeFi our readers are. First, we asked them an open question about their favorite DeFi products. We did a word cloud with the most repeated answers on which a clear preference in Uniswap, Pancakeswap and ADX is obvious:


We then asked our subscribers: “Do you use any of these DeFi products?” and listed the most famous DeFi protocols. It turns out that AdEx subscribers love Uniswap, but enjoy its BSC competitor Pancakeswap too. Ususal suspects like AAVE, Sushi, 1inch, Yearn and Balancer are popular too.

AdEx subscribers love’s DeFi wallet. Soon they might have a new favorite though

As you already know, we are building a DeFi wallet. Back in April we hadn’t announced it yet, but we wanted to test our audience and see if similar products, portfolio trackers, are popular. We asked “Do you use portfolio trackers/apps for your DeFi portfolio?” It looks that most people use’s DeFI wallet, Zapper and InstaDapp.

Portfolio trackers stats

25% of our subscribers are using the AdEx Platform

1/4 of the surveyed people are already using the AdEx Platform and majority of the voters are considering it. This result is impressive, given that this newsletter is oriented toward another product of the AdEx portfolio - our staking platform. However, it turns out that many stakers are also publishers or advertisers on the AdEx Platform (many of them are both).

screenshot 2021 06 11 at 15 31 23

screenshot 2021 06 11 at 15 31 35

Feedback for our newsletter

One of the important goals of our survey was to get feedback about the AdEx Staking newsletter and see what we can improve or change. We demanded that people submitted longer answers to get as much information as possible.

Unfortunately there is no way to share with you all 317 answers but we made a good collection of both the good and the bad.

The bad:

- We have some known formatting issues. The newsletter is not always displayed very well on all devices.

- We might need to educate our audience more about AdEx products and how to use them, since many of our readers still don’t fully understand how they work.

The good:

  • Most readers are happy with the frequency and the quality of the content
  • No serious complaints or things people don’t like
  • We are doing good with the frequency of sending emails and the length

Ideas we might try as suggested by our readers

  • Video tutorials - many of our readers want easy to understand video content dedicated to our products - keep it short and do walkthroughs and tips
  • Create share-able images for the newsletter content - readers are enthusiastic about sharing the content and spreading the word
  • Keep track on the roadmap and post frequent updates
  • Do frequent small giveaways
  • Work on use cases and case studies of the platform and share with the community
  • Include industry (DeFi and crypto) news in the newsletter - something like curated 4-5 links to the most entertaining news for the month
  • Think of a referral program

We would like to thank the AdEx community for taking part in this survey, as results will help us grow and improve the AdEx products and ecosystem.

Stay tuned because we are launching the AdEx Wallet in July and if you are into DeFi, you will love it! We’ll keep you posted, but if you want to be among the very first users (you want to 😉), make sure to leave your email here as well:

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