The AdEx Prototype: Development Update

The AdEx Prototype is making solid progress towards its release. The platform's core elements are now available on GitHub, and the AdEx Node, a scaling solution for detailed off-chain reports, is implemented.

The AdEx Prototype: Development Update

The AdEx community members have been growing more and more impatient about our prototype. We get it — we are just as excited to have it up and running, available to anyone who wishes to get a taste of our platform.

Ever since our token generation event, we have been busy with development. We already released the adex-core repository, and we deployed our smart contracts on the Ethereum mainnet.

The Ethereum mainnet addresses are as follows (do not send tokens/ether to these addresses!):



We have also implemented the AdEx Node, a scaling solution that’s designed to allow publishers and advertisers to collect detailed reports off-chain while still keeping the bids themselves on the blockchain.

The AdEx prototype is actually scheduled for release in February 2018, and we are making solid progress towards it.

In the meantime, however, we have updated our public GitHub repositories with some of the elements of the prototype. Here they are:

adex-dapp: This is the UI of AdEx.

adex-core: These are the smart contracts at the core of the AdEx network ecosystem.

adex-node: The second layer that is responsible for collecting and aggregating reports, individual impressions/clicks, as well as for ensuring the validity of requests.

adex-sdk: The SDK that you use to include AdEx in your website and become a publisher (i.e. start showing ads on your site).

adex-adview: A helper to the adex-sdk, which visualizes ads.

adex-translations: The translation strings for AdEx. Use it if you want to translate AdEx to your own language

Additionally, you would find the following two repositories:

adex-site: The AdEx website,

adex-brand: The brand identity of AdEx: logo, colors, etc.

The best news? Everything is open-source, just as we promised. Neat, right?

*Keep in mind, these components are not finalized yet — we are continuing with our work so stay tuned!

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