AdEx Enables Add-On Monetization on Stremio

AdEx is enabling monetization for Stremio add-on developers. By integrating AdEx ads, developers can benefit from their contributions to the open-source project without compromising its free nature.

AdEx Enables Add-On Monetization on Stremio

In May, we announced the successful integration of AdEx ads in the Stremio entertainment platform. We have been broadcasting a consistent stream of ads on Stremio, and advertisers have been sharing very encouraging results — take NordVPN for example.

Today, we are thrilled to share another exciting update: Stremio add-on developers are now able to monetize their work through AdEx ads!

Content on Stremio is generated through various add-ons. Some of them are being developed by the Stremio team but the majority are created and hosted by independent developers; these are the so-called community add-ons. These independent contributors are creating addons for free — their motivation is to contribute to an open-source project and make the Stremio apps as good as possible.

However, we believe that gоod work should be rewarded, and this is why we worked out a way for add-on developers to monetize through ads. This will allow any add-on creator to benefit from more than 1 million impressions per day. By enabling this revenue stream for them, we give developers and extra push to put more time into creating add-ons that stream high quality content and attract a large number of users.

Of course, these ads will be ethical and non-intrusive — as is any AdEx ad. They will be displayed on spots that don’t impact user experience — for example on the Stremio player loading screen. We will also introduce native ad slots (e.g. an ad space in an add-on catalog or stream lists).

This is a unique opportunity to monetize an open-source project without compromising the free nature of the software. Both Stremio and AdEx are committed to building a sustainable open-source ecosystem where people have additional incentives to contribute, and we believe that this is a big leap towards achieving this.

Detailed documentation on how this is going to work will be released soon in the Stremio Add-on SDK repository on Github, and will be announced on the Stremio blog as well.

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