Staking Rewards Are Here

AdEx launches ADX staking rewards. Rewards, calculated daily and distributed monthly in DAI, must be claimed within a year. This initiative promotes long-term bonding and a healthy AdEx ecosystem.

Staking Rewards Are Here

Recently we announced the AdEx Staking portal and promised that rewards distribution would start some time in the first quarter of the year. This time has come and staking rewards have been launched! This means that starting today, you can see and withdraw your earned DAI from the staking portal (and possibily stake some more tokens, while you’re at it).

Here is What you need to know:

  • As mentioned in our original staking guide, the reward will be calculated with a backdate, so that even if you started staking back in December, you wouldn’t have missed out and you’ll get rewarded for January.
  • The rewards are in the same currency as the advertising payments on the network: DAI.
  • Distribution happens at the beginning of every month, for the previous month — and the reward you received must be claimed within a year. For example, the rewards for February 2020 will be claimable on the 1st of March 2020, and you’d have until 2021/03/01 to claim them. We recommend logging in once per month to claim your rewards.
  • Rewards will be calculated on a day-per-day basis — meaning that if you only had a bond for half the month, it will be reflected in the calculation. Only full days count. We recommend keeping your bonds for long periods of time.
  • If you request unbonding, you’ll stop receiving rewards for this bond from that moment on.

Why is staking not integrated into the platform?

The Platform is specifically for advertising-related use cases. While staking helps keep our ecosystem healthy, it’s not directly related to the Platform’s main use cases — this is why we decided to keep it as a separate portal.

How exactly are rewards calculated?

At the end of each period (month), we will take all of the days in that period, and for each day we’ll take all the bonds which were bonded throughout it’s entire duration. For each of those bonds, we’ll reward it’s owner with a proportional slice of the daily fee volume (dailyVolume * bondAmount / allBondsAmount). For more details, check out the distribution script.

When will I receive my next reward portion?

Rewards for the current month are distributed at the beginning of the following month.

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