Official ENS Domains for AdEx

AdEx has registered three ENS domains: adx-token.eth, adex-token.eth, and adex-net.eth. ENS domains simplify user experience by replacing long hexadecimal addresses with readable names.

Official ENS Domains for AdEx

We are happy to announce that we have registered three ENS domain names for AdEx:

  • adx-token.eth
  • adex-token.eth
  • adex-net.eth

These are the only three official names we hold.

What is an ENS Domain

ENS stands for “Ethereum Name Service”. It is a decentralized system that distributes domains under the .eth top-level domain. The service was introduce to enhance Ethereum users and eliminate the need to copy or write long hexadecimal addresses like ‘0x4cbe58c50480…’ for example.

Other benefits of the ENS are security, and decentralized infrastructure and governance.

The main goal of ENS is to resolve human-readable names like adx-token.eth into machine-readable identifiers, as well as to provide metadata (e.g. whois details of users, ABIs for contracts, etc.).

ENS is similar to Domain Name Servers (DNS) in terms if its goals, however it has a different architecture due to the specifics of the Ethereum blockchain. Like DNS, it operates on a system of dot-separated hierarchal names called domains.

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