Case study: AdEx and 24 Rodopi

24 Rodopi, a news media outlet covering the Rhodopes mountain region, was able to double their ad earnings with AdEx. The platform's non-exclusivity and ability to work in conjunction with other ad serving solutions allowed 24 Rodopi to maximize their ad earnings.

Case study: AdEx and 24 Rodopi

The Company

24 Rodopi is a news media outlet covering the Rhodopes mountain region. The site has been live since 2006, and today it is one of the most frequented websites for news from Turkey and the region.

The Challenge

When we first approached 24 Rodopi, the site was monetizing traffic through traditional ad networks. The team felt that the revenue they were getting could be improved — but traditional ad tech solutions were failing to deliver the expected results due to a number of reasons — the site being in Bulgarian, covering a relatively niche audience, etc.

The Solution

We reached out to 24 Rodopi knowing that we can offer them an alternative advertising network that could add up to their revenue. What sealed the deal was the fact that AdEx does not require exclusivity and can be used in conjunction with any other ad serving solution to maximize ad earnings.

We supported the team through the initial onboarding process and helped them set up their publisher account, and we provided assistance setting up their cryptocurrency wallets.

“We decided to work with AdEx because we saw an ambitious team that was doing something new and alternative to all kinds of ad networks. We tested their platform and we saw the first results just a few days after we integrated them on the websites. We had no doubt we wanted to work with AdEx right away,” said 24 Rodopi’s management team.

The Results

The site allocated one of their best ad slots to AdEx ads and just a few days in, the results started coming in: the revenue they received through AdEx was double the income they were getting through their other ad partner. As the 24 Rodopi team put it,

“Our readers saw something new — the CPM results were incredible!”

Cryptocurrency Payments

Coming from a non-cryptocurrency industry, 24 Rodopi had no experience with crypto wallets so naturally they had questions and concerns. Our team was available to address these and offer any help we could. It took the site’s management a few hours to have everything set up, and they expressed their satisfaction from working with cryptocurrency:

“We are really happy because now everything is much better and faster than any other payment method we have used.”

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